Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Sometimes I do not know why I read the newspaper. Today I read that a cleric in Iran blamed earthquakes on women who dress immodestly. And all this time, I thought that such disasters were caused by liberal Democrats! Live and learn.
I have started my serious dedication to losing some extraneous pounds. My doctor warned me to last fall, but I ignored her for as long as I could. Now I'm noticing that my clothes seem a little snug. I exercise so I'm realizing I really have to get more serious about watching what I put into my mouth. I figure that I'll limit my glass of wine to Saturday and drink green tea as my dinner beverage. I'll cut back on portions generally but sweets and breads in particular.
My New Year's resolution was to eat some fruit or vegetables with every meal and now I'm thinking I'll go to at least one vegetarian meal a week--something out of my long neglected Moosewood Cookbook. The Barefoot Contessa and Paula Dean are out of the rotation for the time being. Actually, I love many of the Moosewood recipes and now that it is out on my kitchen counter, I will probably have more than one vegetarian meal a week. Mike is also determined to lose weight, but he doesn't go for the "twigs and sticks hippie food" so he'll be
fixing alternative meals a bit more often.
We had the last poetry workshop session last night. Now we each get a private consultation with the teacher and in two weeks there will be an open session where we will all take turns reading what we have written. Gulp. We'll just have to see about this public performance aspect, but the work sessions were extremely valuable.
I believe I have mentioned that we moved the bird feeders to hang off the deck out back. We see tons more birds than when the feeder was in the front yard and we can watch them from our table so we have entertainment during meals. The yellow finches are not behaving, though. They will sit on the feeder and pick out seeds, then just drop them. The stairs and ground are getting covered with sunflower seeds. Fortunately, the blue jays, redwing blackbirds, and a red squirrel that has taken up residence in the wood shed will pick seeds off the ground, but so far the yellow finches seem to be too much for the cleanup crew. Mike has taken to knocking on the window to scare them away. We need a sign like they have in the Chinese buffet: "Help yourself, but do not take more than you will eat."


  1. Best wishes for your success in losing some weight. I was thrilled tonight whe I spoke to my daughter and she told me she starts seeing a dietitian on Monday. She's paid a trainer for about three years but it's just not enough, she needs the input of a dietitian. She has a lot to lose. She doesn't like sticks and twigs either. Portions are a big problem for her.

    I read an article in the paper that said if you have bird feeders you need to check because you likely have rats as well, that where you have people you have rats.

    In Texas we had a lot of bird houses, two dripping bird baths, and several feeders in our back yard. Bob steped outside one night after dark and flashed a flashlight on the big tree near the house. We were aghast to see rats coming out of the bird houses, climbing down the tree trunk, going to the feeders and bird baths.

  2. If you find the magic bullet for weight loss, let me know. Since I quit smoking 35 years ago, food is now the enemy. I guess the thing to do is to only fix food you don't like so you won't eat much. Think I will give that a try. Good luck.

  3. I need to lose some too - all my clothing is too snug.

    I saw that report about the cleric; he's really dumb, especially if he thinks his followers will believe him.

  4. Some people consider birds rats with wings. I
    have not seen any evidence of rats around here, but if I do, you'll hear the screaming!

    Thanks for the good luck wishes.


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