Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wine and Cheese...a little bread...

We had a small get together with two couples we have gotten to know here in town. Like us, they are snowbirds from the north who are quite grateful to be able to escape to the warmer Florida climate for a few months of the year.
I had a minor panic attack on Saturday afternoon after fixing the cheese plates and arranging fresh fruit platters--"We don't have enough food!!"
We had plenty of food and wine, plenty of good conversation. In all, a lovely time. We always enjoy these small kinds of get together with friends, but it's especially nice to do it here because we feel like we are part of a community even away from home.


  1. You know what cheese I'm loving these days: Humboldt Fog. Umm. So good.

  2. I'm always thinking I don't have enough food for guests either - and we often have leftovers!

    I like the photos in the previous post!


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