Monday, March 1, 2010


I just finished reading a book of short stories entitled A Blind Man
Can See How Much I Love You
by Amy Bloom. I picked it up simply
because I loved that title. And then there were the tidbits like:
I sometimes think that my mother's true purpose in life, the thing that gives
her days meaning and her heart ease, is her ability to torture me in a
manner as ancient and genteelly elaborate as lace making.

from "The Gates are Closing"

Sometimes a writer's ability to turn a phrase just grabs me and I am filled with both admiration and envy.


On the subject of seeing:

I received a denial of payment for my visit to the eye doctor a few weeks ago. I had an increase in the "floaters" drifting across my line of vision and then lightening-like flashes, which were new and worrisome. I called my eye doctor in Vermont and he advised seeing someone, "preferably a retinal specialist" right away. I was able to get an appointment and I thought I was doing the prudent thing. According to my insurance carrier, when in Florida, I should go to an emergency room, which would be covered. If the doctor at the ER then referred me to a retinal specialist, that would be covered. Going directly any doctor "outside of network" is not covered. Seems wasteful, but I am not going to complain too much. The representative at my insurance company has a heart and I will be reimbursed this one time and from now on I will know better.

In the meantime, I am thankfully past the high risk period for a detached retina. The light shows and dancing shadows--cheap entertainment that I will have to live with for who knows how long.


Spectacular full moon last night and gorgeous sunset as I am writing this...


  1. I got into something similar. My internist told me to go to my dentist about something growing in my mouth. The dentist took care of it quickly with some laser work. My dental insurance would not pay because they said it was not dental. My regular insurance would not pay because it was done by a dentist. Apparently I should have gone to some specialist in the regular chain of command that takes care of mouths. In the end I had to pay the $300.

  2. I went the same routine for my lightning flashes and all was paid. They came on one night while driving in the dark. Detatchment was ruled out and they eventually went away with no help from anyone. They need checking out to rule out detatchment but basically it is one of those lovely things we "learn to live with".


I appreciate readers' comments so much. You don't even always have to agree with me.