Friday, March 26, 2010

I should clarify. The pictures yesterday were just buildings I found pretty to look at in the historic section of Venice. Some are private homes, some are public buildings. I never have really met anyone who lives in any of these places. All our snowbird friends have much more modest living arrangements--RVs, apartments or villas, or seasonal rental homes.
We were very lucky this year to have a very nicely equipped home, but the reason it is so homey is that the owners are retiring in a couple of months and will be down here themselves by next year. So we are leaving this year not really knowing where we will stay next year, but something will work out.
In the mean time, we have started to get things ready to pack up. We head home next Wednesday and will travel through springtime in reverse. I don't imagine we will see many signs of spring at all in Vermont until late in April. It's not unusual to get snow in April. In fact several years ago we left for a Memorial Day camping trip while snow was swirling. Wait a minute, Why are we going back next week?

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  1. You definitely have the best of both worlds. I would love to be a snow bird. Enjoy your trip back.


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