Monday, March 8, 2010

Garden TIme

It's garden planting time in Florida. There are seminars offered at the library, articles in the papers, advice and instruction on local TV stations. It's gotten those juices flowing and I am day dreaming about what I will do in the garden this year.
Of course, for a Vermonter, gardening at this time of year means looking at the seed catalogs and web sites. It is reflecting on what has worked in the past, what didn't work but might be worth trying again, and what to just let go. As the years go by, garden fantasies become tempered by the realities of experience. I expanded my garden last spring, but at the same time vastly simplified it.

One of the things I love about Florida in the winter is the chance to see green plants and flowers in their fragrant bloom. I am fascinated by the "certified" Florida gardens and appreciate the efforts to get rid of some of the invasive species. Strangely, it has given me more of an appreciation for and desire to sustain a Vermont flavor in my own gardens at home--although If someone certifies Vermont gardens, I don't know about it.

Still, my own gardening efforts are right on track. I am in the dreaming stage. I may not see snow when I look out the window. I may not need those seed catalogs quite as desperately as a glimmer of hope that winter will end. But they do turn my thoughts to home.

Garden time in Vermont is still several months away. It's not unheard of that we could have snow in April and even May. But we'll be home in time to see the crocus bravely push through frozen ground, and then the bright yellow faces of daffodils grace our yard. That's the free show. After that everything that grows requires taking care of and work.


  1. When will you return home? I can't imagine how short your growing season must be.

  2. My crocus (croci?) are blooming now and daffodils will soon follow. After that - nothing. My bad back will not allow me to do much of anything now, and any flowers I have have to be potted. Good luck with your dreaming!

  3. One of the beauties of Florida is year round gardening. One of the hassles of Florida is year round gardening. There is never a rest period like here in Arkansas. The older I get, the more I appreciate that rest.

  4. I admire people with green thumbs~! I'm not much of a gardener but enjoy seeing the fruit of other people's labor and talent.

  5. I've never been much of a gardener, but I'd like to have a tomato plant or two. My ex decided to plant tomatoes one year - he envisioned beautiful, big, red, juicy tomatoes. He put out six plants and when he saw that they were little salad tomatoes, he wouldn't allow one in the house. So much for his Farmer Brown fantasy.


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