Thursday, March 25, 2010

As seen on my walk

Venice really is a lovely little city to walk around. Typical of Florida development in some ways, it was planned in the 1920's and a construction boom was underway. Boom, then bust. At the end of that decade, Venice was left nearly a ghost town. Some nice places for ghosts to stay wouldn't you say?


  1. Thanks for the walk, I am not the least tired. I loved that turret house. Blue skies and palm trees, what can be better?

  2. Are these places mostly occupied by 'snow birds'? Who stays in them the rest of the year? How many months out of the year do you stay in Florida? When will you return to Vermont?

  3. We are so blessed in our country to have such a variety of climate and envirionments! Just think of the complete difference from New England to Florida to the mid-west to Texas! People complain about politics all the time. More people should just take a few minutes to take a walk and look around and count their blessings! - Thanks for the walk!! I've never been to Venice!


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