Wednesday, March 10, 2010

5 AM, Off to the Airport...

Grand daughter number one is in the air on her way back to South Carolina. She can say she went to Florida for spring break, Venice, Florida. This area does not have much to offer an 18 year old, but she was gracious about spending a few days with the old folks, even going so far as to stop the texting to engage in actual conversations with us. It was a good to get to know her better as a person in her own right.

She is a Southern girl. I believe she almost thought she was in a foreign country. I told her that once you go south of the Florida panhandle, you are no longer in The South. She did say a number of times, "It's so different here," and I wasn't always sure exactly what she meant. One time, though, a waitress told her she'd have to stir sugar into her iced tea if she wanted it sweetened. That cracked me up, but she was not so amused. If I ever write a fractured history of the United States, it will include an argument that the Civil War was really all about iced tea versus sweet tea.


  1. One good thing is that she stayed out of trouble there.
    I know the sweet tea wars. I am the only one I know that drinks tea straight with no sugar. There really is a line in the sand between the two groups.

  2. Sounds like it was a good visit for all of you.

    Moving from Texas to Oregon I can certainly relate to how different things are in different parts of the country.

  3. Most wars are started by something foolish, in retrospect. Might as well be sweet tea! (I love sweet tea!)


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