Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Spring Is Here

This strange looking image is pollen accumulated on the outdoor table. I was sneezing and sneezing on Sunday night and I started to be afraid I was coming down with another cold. I guess it was a relief to see the pollen covering the outdoor furniture and the car the next morning. There is a disadvantage to winter in Floirda and missing the worst of winter in the northeast--two spring pollen seasons. Nothing in life is ever perfect.


  1. Spring pollen seasons can drive you crazy. Ragweed in the fall is a killer for those with hayfever.

  2. In my past I had serious allergy issues. Then I moved to Thailand for work and surprisingly my allergies and asthma disappeared. I can't help think the stress of the N. American way of life played a big part. Happy sneezing Frank!


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