Sunday, February 28, 2010


I visited a local artisan-made jewelry and bead shop and bought these jasper stones and pink pearls. I made this necklace and another of just the pearls on a gold chain. Very basic stuff, not at all at the level of the work on display at the shop.

I used to wear simple necklaces, but then I hit those awful years of protracted hot flashes. A necklaces and bracelets became rings of fire around my neck and wrist. The only jewelry I could tolerate actually touching my skin was ear rings---and at that, only some of the time.
I'm finding I can wear a necklace again, but I certainly am not going to sink any amount of big money into the idea. Mike has given me an antique silver pin, a gold and diamond pin, diamond earrings, pearl and gold earrings over the years. Then he gave up. All that stuff is in the safe along with my diamond ring and gold wedding band. It makes me nervous to wear it because know I'm bound to lose it and I would feel worse knowing I lost it than I would feel good having it on. I know that doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but there you have it.


  1. I either wear my jewelry or give it to someone who will. Have to confess I don't understand storing what was meant to be worn and enjoyed. When we decided to move to Oregon upon my retirement I gave my nice jewelry to my daughter. My working days were over and I knew it would just sit in a lock box for many years with no one enjoying it. It would eventually go to her anyway, so why not let her enjoy it during her working career? If I should live a long time it might not go to her until she was nearing retirement. If she loses it I won't fret. It doesn't belong to me anymore.

  2. Never was too much into jewelry but did like ear rings. Then with age, my ear ring holes closed and I am too old to go through that again. Love jewelry on other people, it just makes me nervous when on me if it is any good.

  3. Linda, maybe you are right. It doesn't pass my "love it, use it, place to put it" test although I've been rationalizing looking at it as using it.

  4. I think it is lovely. I can't believe you made it.


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