Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sunny Florida

We arrived in Venice on New Year's Day at around 2:30 p.m.--having made exceptionally good time on the road even with the infamous route 301 Florida speed traps. That was nice as it gave us some time to unpack the car and get a bit settled before crashing into bed and sleeping for ten hours straight. For Mike, "settling in" means quickly hanging up his shirts and then hooking up the lap top. His eager hopefulness is a bit sad to witness since history tells us quite clearly that an easy and immediate hook-up is just not going to happen--and it didn't. Once again we have spent out first five or six days in Florida without our internet security blanket, but I have to say we are developing a more Zen like attitude of acceptance as time wears on. Tech support at Comcast came through, we just had to wait our turn.
Now that we are here, we are enjoying the "new" house that we rented. It is in the same neighborhood as the house we used to rent (which went into foreclosure last March and is for sale by the bank now) but it is bigger and more updated. The kitchen here is equipped as well (or better than--newer appliances) as my own. If it had a gas stove and and a Kitchenaid mixer I might be forced to live here forever.

The weather, though, has been cold and windy. I understand it's been quite miserable in lots of places. I'll bet our Vermont house is buried. Does this mean we have solved the global warming crisis already? No--I'll try not to confuse the weather with the climate. But I'm glad I brought fleecy lounge clothes and bathrobe. Mike is a hardier breed.


  1. even with the cooler weather, FL has got to be better this time of year than where you came from! lol

  2. Hear it may snow near Orlando. My brother is RVing around Labelle and is not amused. Guess we are all in the same boat though.
    To make you feel better, it is 4 degrees and windy here with unknown wind chill. Enjoy that sunshine.

  3. Oh, Yes! I am not missing the 30 + inches of snow my family and neighbors are dealing with.

  4. I agree with's got to be warmer than Vermont!


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