Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Welcome Back, Winter

Winter hasn't forgotten us after all. We have had dustings of snow for the past two days, and for tonight the prediction is for a snow, ice, rain, high winds, and other general weather related mayhem. All it took, apparently, was for me to start planning the Christmas get-together for my family. Now I can worry that the weather will ruin the day.
Just like with Mike's family Thanksgiving get-together, there is reason for a certain amount of sadness this season. My sister's husband will be starting chemo for the return of his cancer. Nieces and nephews have scattered across the country and one brother is is North Carolina from November through May now, so we won't be seeing him and his wife for the holidays. One nephew has just left for Indiana with the Vermont National Guard, possibly on the way to Afghanistan. I don't think I am the kind of person who resists any kind of change, but not all changes are easy to accept. My own grandmother used to say, quite forcefully, "Don't get old!"
With all due respect, though, I guess it is better than the alternative.


  1. Snow is beautiful but does mess up travel. Let it snow after everyone has arrived. Then you get to keep them longer.
    Do hope your brother-in-law's chemo goes well and he has little side effects.

  2. Time does have a way of changing traditions. But your right..getting older does beat the alternative. Hope your brother-in-law's chemo goes well and is over soon.


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