Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Stray thoughts...

Yesterday I wore boots to walk to the library because of the slush. Now I have a painful blister on my right heel. Good walking shoes are one of life's necessities.

Today the weather is particularly dreary--grey, half rain, half snow. We have not had one of those snowfalls that changes the world into some kind of magical fairy castle, glistening and clean, as yet this season. What snow we have had has been wet and has not even fully covered the ground--the kind that is black and dingy within an hour. WAAH, WAAH. Turning on the Christmas lights made me happy, though--lights and the chocolate chip cookies warm out of the oven.

I wrapped presents today and prepared some pie crust dough to stash in the fridge. My family get-together is this coming Sunday so I have a menu to plan and grocery shopping and cooking to do later this week. Sometimes I get into a mood of slavish dedication to everything made from scratch. This year, except for pies, a trip to Costco will do it, I think.

I have a hair cut appointment on Friday--a simple trim. I look forward to this like it was a day at a coastal California spa. I'm planning a sushi lunch and a bottle of semi-expensive wine. Sometimes it really doesn't take much to boost me right out of a funk.

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