Saturday, December 5, 2009

Friends are Moving Away

Our friends Bob and Sarah have sold their house and have been packing up for the past six weeks or so. The moving van will be at their house on Tuesday to take all their things to Colorado. Mike is so sad to see them go and I think Bob is secretly sad to be leaving a house he built and grounds he perfected over the years. (It is a beautiful home.) Sarah's daughters and young grand children are in Colorado, so I understand her desire to be close to them.

Twenty-six years in one house can mean a lot of stuff accumulated. We thought about moving a few years ago and started "downsizing." We sold and gave away LOADS of stuff. At least twice a year, I get rid of some small pile of stuff. Just yesterday it was a box of Christmas dishes--taking up too much space for something that is only used for a very limited time each year so off to Goodwill they went. Mike has been periodically selling some of his collectibles on e-bay. Still, there are no discernible holes or empty storage spaces any where in the house. Stuff must be like mice in the reproduction department.


  1. Yes, stuff does reproduce. I made a massive move 5 years ago and went bare bones. Have I stayed that way? Heck no. A move today would be just as back breaking.
    What is it with us two legged, upright sorts? We may no longer hunt but we still "gather".

  2. Nice simile about the mice. It can be very freeing to de-clutter, but then again, one can sometimes go too far.


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