Sunday, November 22, 2009

This e-mail exchange amused me so husband and son-in-law are guest bloggers today:

Dear Mike (Dad),

Looking forward to your visit. So that we might bond more as a family, I'm thinking you could load up on cash before you come so you can take us all out to do fun things each night. Nothing fancy, just a lobster dinner or two.

And as always, please don't spend more than about $500 on a personal gift for me. After all, it is about the season, not the giving.

Your favorite son-in-law,


and the reply:

To my favorite Son-in-law, Charles,
I don't know where to begin to thank you for the opportunity of bonding with you and the family. Olga and I are experiencing some financial difficulties and may have to limit our Florida stay so we decided that a four to six week bonding period would be perfect ( It could be longer depending on the quality of the accommodations ). We will be spending the next few days putting together a list of the types of food, wine and liquor that we are accustomed to, nothing fancy just your standard normal fare ( NY Strip steaks, wines in the $12-18 range and Crown Royal, etc, etc ). By the way we like to sleep late and we think that the big bed room on the first floor would be a nice quiet room for us.
I think the $5.00 limit for a Christmas gift does not allow me to express my gratitude to you for opening you house, refrigerator, bed room and all other amenities that you might have to offer, so,
I plan on spending at least $10.00.
Your Favorite Father in Law,

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  1. Loved that exchange. You can really spot the comfort level between the two guys.


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