Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Plans

Mike and I will travel to Connecticut for Thanksgiving. We'll go to his brother Bill's for the turkey dinner and , since it is his brother Tom's birthday, we will probably have birthday cake. Sadly, for me, the Heberts are not pumpkin pie people. We'll stay with his sister Jeannie afterwards. On Friday the family will get together at a nice Italian restaurant. We will be celebrating Bill's upcoming 65th birthday and his official retirement. It'll be busy and fun, but with the sad note of Harvey's passing six months ago. Bill and Harvey had the same birthday, five years apart. (Just what every five year old boy wants for his birthday, a baby brother, I'm sure!)

Mike has had his shopping list ready since last December--an Italian grinder at Giant Grinder in Hartford, a pound of Italian cookies from Modern Bakery, and a ball of provologne cheese from the Italian market. That's the real Thanksgiving traditional feast for him.

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