Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Cabot Sock Sale

The Cabot Sock Factory in Northfield, Vermont, has an annual sock extravaganza. It started some thirty years ago and was marketed then as a diversion and destination for "hunting widows." The sale happens during deer hunting season. It has gotten so popular that a couple of years ago people had to wait in line to get into the mill and then wait again, as long as 90 minutes, to check out.

Mike and I went this year. The ads all mentioned increased checkout clerks and credit card swipers, and, while the place was mobbed, it was really quick to get in and out. Mike replaced his entire sock collection. I bought a bunch for the kids and grand kids because they really are nice socks. I got cashmere blend socks and a pair of merino wool socks for myself. We bought a couple pair for Mike's brother as his 65th birthday/retirement party is coming up and we are giving him a "Made in Vermont" Basket.

So that's the big excitement here. If you don't hunt in Vermont, you go to the sock sale. There used to be all kinds of textile mills throughout New England, but no more. Cabot Sock Factory is the only sock factory left in New England and one of only three left in the United States.

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  1. I only have one pair of merino wool socks and they are my favorite. Soooo comfortable. Need to get some more.


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