Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Walk in the Country

It was warm today...60 degrees! When we are in Florida for the winter I will complain mightily about the frigid weather when the temperature is in the 60's there. All is relative.

I took an extra long walk today to compensate for the recent bad weather and my own recent slothfulness. I walked to Jericho Center and around the green, stopping to drop off a book at our library and then to mail our property tax payment at the box outside the general store, then taking my usual loop: Brown's Trace to Barber Farm road to Fitzsimonds Road back to Brown's Trace.

There are several new highway signs put up in the past few days--"Yield to pedestrians in crosswalk" (seven cars drove by in rapid succession while I stood at the crosswalk) and yellow signs alerting drivers to side roads (most with fairly inventive spellings and/or questionable grammar). By the way, it really annoys me when people automatically add "Road" to my address on Brown's Trace. "Trace" is a synonym for "Road" so there is NO NEED for the redundancy!!!

I noticed along the way what looked like a wet wipe smeared with brown. I was hoping that some one had been feeding chocolate to a toddler and then littered with the clean up attempt, but, no--a bit further up the road, a diaper. ICK, ICK, ICK. The trash in general along the road is quite disturbing. So many people get out to clean up in the spring (Vermont Green Up Day), but then out lovely road is filled up with paper products, beer and liqueur containers, fast food wrappers. cigarette debris, water and soda bottles, and all manner of junk that really turns my stomach to see as I walk past. I don't just complain. I do put on rubber gloves and go out with trash bags, but it gets harder to do each year.

Why trash this?

BAAAd litterers. BAAAd!


  1. Oh that makes me mad also. When I used to scuba dive in Florida, it would sicken me to see beer cans on the floor of a tropical reef. Good grief people.

  2. I love to walk. I wish I had such pretty scenery. Lucky you.


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