Thursday, October 29, 2009

Perceptually Challenged

Several gloomy, dark, rainy days in a row have sent me back to some projects that have been on the back burner. I bought some self-striping yarn to make socks for my grand son. I was determined to do this little project (for little feet) on circular needles--something that I have been unable to accomplish previously. It took seven tries to get started and keep the pointed ends of the needles going in the right direction, but I think I finally have got the right rhythm. I'm sure I'll be back to trying to figure it all out again when I start sock number two.
The other project is a shirt I made out of silk I bought on sale--a shirt with a collar and cuffs and button holes. The cuffs are what killed me because they go on opposite sides so somehow they should be mirror images and that is near to impossible for me to figure out--pinning, checking, basting, checking, praying, sewing--very nerve wracking.
I know there are people for whom these kinds of perceptual tasks are just as obvious as the noses on their faces. Lucky people.

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