Thursday, October 8, 2009

Health Care Reform

The health care reform debate goes on.

One controversy has been around end-of life care. There has been objection and open demonstrations against this as a concept because some people believe that it sets up "death panels" charged with determining when an old person has used up more than his or her share of health care. This was interpreted from President Obama's support of Medicare paying for a doctor to consult with a patient around end of life care. (Something along these lines.)

Now here's the thing...I would expect that my doctor's visits, covered by health insurance, therefore would be covered whether I went for a consult about my cholesterol levels, a case of bunions, or end of life care. I always thought that the doctor-patient relationship was private (although I know insurance generated paperwork renders that a moot point).

When you think about it, insurance just sounds like something evil. I'm paying money on a bet that something catastrophic will happen to me while the insurance company gets to bet on it not happening. Either way I lose something.

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