Sunday, October 4, 2009

Apple Picking

We went to our friends' place to pick some of their apples today. What a spectacular crop they have. This means more apple pie, I fear--not good for the diet that is going nowhere anyway. I guess I don't really have to eat the pie--at least in theory, but let's be realistic. If I bake it, I will eat it. (Sure, the Hollywood movie script writers are lining up at my door.)
I did make some lovely pink apple sauce when we got home, using the recipe from The Joy of Cooking. Now we are eating locally and in season! How trendy are we? I mention this because:
There was a challenge covered in the local paper about eating locally--nothing that was shipped more than a hundred miles. I chose not to participate. Should it come to a law that one must eat locally, we'll just have to move.

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