Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Neatness Counts

I recently was reading an article, "Handy Hints for Around the House: Time-saving shortcuts you'll thank us for!"
To keep bed linen sets together and organized in your linen closet, fold the top and bottom sheets and one pillow case, then store them all inside the remaining pillowcase.

Seriously, is it just me or is this really kind of stupid? Here I have folded top and bottom sheets and both pillowcases. Stacked neatly like this they can be placed quite easily on similarly folded and stacked sheets in the closet. Are they going to jump around and disorganize themselves when I close the door? Maybe my sheets are better trained than some, but they tend to stay put until I move them. Stuffing sheets into pillowcases seems like unnecessary work for very little benefit.


  1. I love your trained sheets. Very funny. Thanks.

    WV: Hootr

  2. Oh, you can never trust those sheets, they're a sneaky lot. You shut that linen closet door and turn out the hall light and next thing you know they're drunk dialing and breaking out the Grey Goose.


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