Thursday, August 6, 2009

Vegetable Garden

Time for all the work of setting up a new vegetable garden to pay off. There are loads of tomatoes on the vines so maybe I'll get a few. Apparently the conditions are just right for late blight that has wiped out large tomato crops so I hope I get a few from my own garden because they are bound to be way expensive this year.
I had a couple meals from the green beans and I froze some, but then something literally ate the bean plants right down to the skeleton. I pulled up the plants and got rid of them. Maybe it was some kind of flea from what I can find online.
I planted one Italian sweet pepper and now have more peppers than I know what to do with. I put some in Buffalo shrimp the other night and that was pretty good. I throw them in salads. I'll have to consult the Martha Stewart web site for some creative ideas I guess. I think it was in her magazine (that I check out from the library) that I saw a recipe for Italian peppers stuffed with a sherry-shrimp salad.
It has not been a very hot summer so I took a chance on planting more lettuce. I'm hoping that will come in by September when we are picking all those tomatoes.
Cucumbers...the first one was half eaten by some critter, but there are plenty of little ones on the vines so maybe we'll get to have some of those too. We had to chase a woodchuck away while preparing supper on the grill tonight. Last year he started to eat my flowers so I should expect he'll be nosing around the vegetables. Pesky varmint!
Parsley, sage, thyme, basil, chives, and lavender are the stars of the garden. I've been using them all season and all the plants look so pretty and healthy. Maybe I should specialize in herbs.
It really underscores what a risky business farming can be, but there is so much satisfaction in picking and preparing--and eating, of course--something you've tended from seed to maturity.

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