Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Slate Floor

Among the never ending tasks of home maintenance, another grouting job appeared on the list. This time it was the slate floor in the basement tv room under and around the wood stove and the slate floor at the front door entry. Large pieces of grout have been cracking and getting pulled out by the vacuum so Mike finally decided he was going to patch it up. He starts by doing the research--"Here's a DIY video on grouting floor tile I want you to watch." I pointed out that on the video it was a one person job of approximately five minute duration, but in my heart I knew his plan to patch the grout had become a "we" project that would pretty much take up my day. And for the clincher--"I can't keep doing this. My back is killing me and my legs are cramping," says dear husband a third of the way into it. Still, I can't complain. He helped me with the table top refinishing project I started a couple weeks ago--although now that I think about it I didn't ask him to nor did I assume he would. Anyway, now the floor is done and looks much better.
Here's the thing. Mike can spread a job like that over several days, weeks. He can work for a set amount of time and then stop. I cannot do that. Once I start something most of the time I just cannot stop until it is completed. However, I have noticed that over the years we've been together, we are getting way more tolerant of each other's working habits and we actually do work together pretty effectively now and then.

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