Sunday, August 2, 2009

Gone Camping

Mike was determined to go camping last week. He watched the weather through last weekend, hoping, I guess, that it would somehow improve over time. We left last Tuesday and set up camp. It really was the kind of day you want when camping by the water--sunny, hot, relatively bug free. Wednesday started out to be not so bad either--the day they were predicting a "slight chance of rain." It was a bit cooler so we set about digging out the years of ashes that had built up and rebuilding the fireplace at the camp site. It was good work and the fireplace really looked almost professional quality when we were finished. There was a thunderstorm around 4:00 in the afternoon. We watched it go across Pico to the east of us, and it went by in a matter of minutes so we thought we were home free then. Unfortunately, a second storm come in from the west, stalled over the entire Rutland county area and dumped about five inches of rain through the night (and that's a lot of rain!). I was really looking forward to a roaring camp fire in the refurbished fireplace, but that didn't happen. We were dry enough in the tent, but everything was soaked when we packed up the next day--making the "putting away" part of the trip much more work than usual. It was worth it though. We have not been doing much just for fun stuff this summer.

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