Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Amusing a Two Year Old

It is really quite amazing what will amuse and entertain a two year old. My grand daughter was working on sewing projects and to keep her baby brother out of her hair, I sat down with him and poured a bunch of assorted buttons on a plate. He swished them around for a while and then I put a botton over his belly button and he thought that was funny. Then I covered one of my eyes with a botton and pressed one to my nose. He thought that was even funnier. It was a sticky day and my skin was "glowing" so we soon discovered that buttons pressed on my cheeks or my arm would stick there. We were both giggling hysterically over our little game of decorate grandma with buttons and then swipe them off and start over again. We kept it up for the longest time and Kristen was able to work uninterrupted on her project (a small quilt of her own design, a rainblow with a pot of gold). Like I said, it's amazing what will keep a two year old entertained. And yes, grandma had fun, too.

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