Friday, July 24, 2009


I have always enjoyed magazines although now I have let all my subscriptions lapse. I have always found that after a while the issues seem to be repetetive and now it's a hassle to change addresses when we are away. I can borrow magazines at the library in Jericho (although not the most current issue, but so what), read them at the dentist or doctor's office, buy them for a quarter at the Venice library, even read some stuff on line. Still, I end up buying a magazine every now and then after standing in the checkout line at the supermarket. There's alwyas some intriguing hook splashed across the front covers and I give in. Recently, I bought a Woman's Day. The hooks--"1 MONTH TO A HEALTHIER YOU...lose 10 pounds" and "STOP SPENDING ON STUPID STUFF."
So, do you want to know the secret of losing 10 pounds in a month? Eat less and exercise more. No magic and in reality that is exactly what I expected.
I did have high hopes for the "STOP SPENDING FOR STUPID STUFF" article though, I have to admit. I guess I never will learn. There's not that much new under the sun.
  • Don't buy extended warranties. Have I ever once? No.
  • Don't sign up for multiyear contracts at a gym you will seldom visit. Do I walk for my exercise for free? Yes.
  • Do not pay for ring tones, apps and games for your cell phone. Do I even have a cell phone that does anything put allow me to make or receive the occasional call? No.
  • Be content with the texting allowed on basic service for your cell phone. What? Have I ever once in my life texted?? No.

After reading the article I realized that the only thing I could have done to stop spending stupid is not to plunk down the $1.99 for the magazine. Lesson learned, but probably soon enough forgotten.

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