Monday, June 15, 2009

New Knitting Projects

I found a couple of free knitting patterns* yesterday and got started on a layette for a Bitty Baby doll. Well, actually, since these projects will go to California, it means two of each item. Renee gave her nieces each a BB doll for Christmas last year. Gives the girls something to do; gives me something to do.
Before I go too crazy, I should find out if Gianna and Angela actually dress their babies. Kristen is all about the fashion for her American Girl and wants to learn to sew. Her mother, as I recall, was deeply into doll nudism. I was forever finding naked dolls around the house that I would immediately dress. When Amy went to play with them the first act was to take off all the clothes. I doubt that in the future her assemblage of naked, tattooed Barbies with punk hair shavings will make it to the collectible market. Frankly, that's as it should be though.
In my Internet searching, I also found a pattern on another blog, this one for an American Girl:
SockPixie: 18" Doll Summer Fun Ensemble (Free Pattern). It's really cute and I will definitely be giving it a go.
The Bitty Baby patterns are at: --Bitty Baby Layette pattern by Janice Helge--and at -- Albert's V-neck cardigan by Maryanne Wilford.

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