Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Canoe Trip

Last Sunday we were driving to the Waterbury Flea Market, and as we were going along the Winooski River, Mike commented that the water was too high for a canoe trip. "You're safe," he said, "or I'm safe." Funny little reference to my proclivity for tipping over the canoe based on my complete and utter lack of any intuitive knowledge of physics and its application to canoe paddling.

Last year we took a trip down the river in May. The water was kind of high and moving fast--made for an easy paddle. We stopped at an island to have a picnic lunch. Mike wanted to go to paddle around to the back side of the island. On the way we veered too close to the shore and tipped over so fast we didn't know what hit us. The day was warm and sunny but the water was still cold. We ended up laying our clothes on trees and having a naked picnic lunch. Then when things dried out a bit, we headed on. Just passed the interstate bridge, we came to fork in the river. We headed to the left, hit a submerged log and over again in a wink. We dumped the water out of the canoe and kept on going another mile and a half to the pullout spot.

Later in the summer on another canoe trip on a pond, Mike yelled, "Take your paddle out of the water...So that's how you do that!" I don't know how I do it--tip the canoe--but it is clear it is my fault. Always my fault. Yeah, I'll be convinced to take another river ride real soon.

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