Friday, April 10, 2009

In Stiches

I missed having my sewing machine while in Florida. I've been working on a dress using an "easy" Vogue pattern--no chance that it will be completed by Easter dinner. I really should take a fitting class as I'm doing all this work and all the time thinking, "Is this going to be the right size for me?" I have a definite tendency to take on too-complicated projects--a lined dress when I should maybe be practicing on a simple skirt first.

I am loving my "new" sewing machine, though. It's a Singer Stylist of 1968 vintage that Mike found on the side of the road with a "free" sign attached last fall. It needed a bit of work--a good cleaning and timing--but it works great.

I have to say sewing hurts a lot less than knitting--at least for the time being. Who knows when the dreaded arthritis will might migrate to my toes and I won't be able to press the foot pedal. I'm still working (slowly, slowly) on a wash cloth and hand towel from the leftover yarn from the cotton vest I finished last month. And then I have all the shells I collected begging for some kind of craft project. I may end up working the holiday craft fair circuit at the senior centers.

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