Tuesday, August 15, 2017


The moose population in Vermont is being decimated.  The reason -- my nightmare: the tick.  Well, lots of blood sucking ticks actually.  Moose have been found with tens of thousands of ticks on them.
Tens of thousands!

How icky:

I had a couple of my friends over for lunch today,  The brought me this:

I am hoping I never have to use it, but I fear that will not be the case.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Relaxing Week

I am home from my stay at the pond in southern New Hampshire.  I had a really great time.

It was a very relaxing five days with my friend.  We met quite a few years ago on a trip to St. Martin.
She and her husband were middle school teachers and her husband and mine had many interests in common.  We had many good times as couples.  Now we are both widows having good times together, tinged with some nostalgia.

We walked around the pond, avoiding ticks.  We kayaked in the pond.  We drove to Peterborough Playhouse to see "The Producers" (which was absolutely spectacular, maybe the best summer stock theater production I have ever seen).  We played games and read.  We ate and drank a little wine.
We binged on "Land Girls." a Netflix series I can recommend.  And we talked and laughed and talked some more.

I didn't take my computer and I had no cell reception and the time flew by.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Off for a Visit

I am packed and ready to go visit my friend Diane.  She has a home on a small pond in southern New Hampshire.  We arranged this visit when Diane was visiting me in Florida and I have been looking forward to it . . . Until I had Lyme disease.

I am still looking forward to seeing my friend of course.  But she lives in the woods and we have always hiked there.  Now I have images of ticks lurking on all vegetation.

We shall see.  Will neuroticism take over and strand me in the cabin for the week?  Will I be braver than that?  Will any lingering effects (Although I feel fine now.) prevent me from keeping up with my most energetic friend?

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Baby Boom

There has been a bit of a baby boom.  My nephew and his wife had a baby girl in July.  Mike's oldest grandson and his wife had a baby boy.

This prompted me to get out knitting needles and yarn to make booties and baby hats.

I also started working on a crib quilt.  The fun part is done, now on to sandwiching and quilting.
I am not a very advanced quilter -- stitch in the ditch is may speed.

I know it is cliche to pick pink for a baby girl, but I love pink and I can't help myself.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Lyme Disease

Thanks for the thoughts of concern and caring, everyone.

I asked a friend to come by and look to see if I had a tick bite.  She was sure it was a bite, but maybe not a tick.  She took the picture and showed it to her husband who grew up in tick country.  He said, "definitely a tick bite." So she called me and suggested (orderedšŸ˜€) I go to Urgent Care.

I went to the Urgent Care and announced to the nurse and then the doctor there that I had thought I had the flu but then I noticed this (turning and lifting my shirt). The nurse said, "I'll get the doctor, but I don't think you have the flu." The doctor then heard my tale and said, "That is definitely A Lyme rash and since you are reporting fever and other flu like symptoms, I am calling in a prescription for Doxycycline hyaclate immediately. You don't have flu."  So there were questions and answers and then I stopped at the pharmacy on my way home and took the first dose.

The doctor did not feel the need to take blood.  She thought it was early enough that antibodies might not be active yet but I was getting the antibiotic anyway so it was kind of a moot point.

My sister-in-law, who had Lyme's disease last summer, said, "Meet sleep, your new best friend."  That pretty much sums it up.  All other plans put on hold for the immediate future.

Sleep is a good thing.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Fresh Hell

I took the kids to a Lake Monsters ballgame Monday night.  It was 25 cent hotdog night.  7986 sold, but I was not tempted.  Kristen wouldn't eat a hotdog except at the ballgame and Dane had two.  It was crowded, but the game was a good one although the LM lost 4-5.

We got home at 10:30 and all of a sudden I was dead tired.  I slept until ten in the morning, but The fatigue was coming at me waves.  And I had chills and fevers.  I basically stayed in bed for days.  I was blaming it on the crowd and germs of a a crowded public place.  I thought I had flu.

But, know what else causes aches and pains, severe headache, extreme fatigue, and mental fog? Lyme disease from a tick bite.  I have this unreasonable dread fear of tick bites, one.  And two, I noticed this this afternoon:

That's god-awful nasty looking.  Or I could try to pass it off as a watercolor bloom tattoo?

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Broken Bones

Not mine, I should hasten to say.

My friend Ginnie. I would call her Humpty Dumpty but she falls and breaks bones rather than an egg shell.  I went with her to a follow appointment for a broken wrist she suffered almost a month ago.  She was to have a consult with a specialist about whether or not she might need surgery.

The waiting room was filled with people with casts and bones in various states of healing.  I noticed (and this may be a gross overgeneralization, but it seemed true that day) that people with broken bones can be quite gregarious.  It was like being at a party, everybody chatting and sharing the gruesome details of their injuries, mingling as they moved from waiting room to x-ray department, calling cheery good-byes when they were whisked into the doctors' offices.

Well. in absorbing all this, I picked up a valuable tip.  I learned that it apparently a good idea to cover a cast when taking a shower.  You can fool around with plastic bags, but that is difficult if you don't have someone around to help secure it and even then it might fail.  I learned that there are covers you can buy at a medical supply place, but these are quite pricey.  So here's the tip revealed by a young woman who was comparing arm casts with Ginnie:

Go to a local farm supply store.  Purchase breeder gloves.  They're generally used for artificially inseminating cows and horses.

They are relatively inexpensive -- ten for 12 bucks.  They come in colors!

I hope I never have to use this tip.  I hope you never have to either, but now you know.  I should post this on Pinterest.