Monday, February 12, 2018

It was great to have my friend visit this past week.  We always have a fun time together.  We like to walk (and talk) and bike ride.  We explore area restaurants, search for some sharks' teeth and shells at the beach.  We play cards and this time we watched some of the Olympics together.  We also each enjoy some quiet time relaxing and reading.
We saw a man land this shark on the  beach and decided not to swim.

We biked a lot

Crossing the Intracoastal Waterway

We shared some wine

and a beer along with a wonderful selection of tapas.

We visited Solomon's Castle, very kitchy!

The beach at Boca Grande was pretty spectacular and we spent a very pleasant day there.

I am so fortunate to have great friends!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018


Mt friend Diane is here for a visit this week.  We will be out and about having fun together.  I will not be spending too much time in Blogland.  Hope everyone is having a good week as well!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

State of the Union

I did not listen to the State of the Union Address.

I have a strong visceral reaction to the sound of certain voices and I choose to avoid that unpleasant reaction.  Then, too, I didn't expect anything so earth shatteringly new and different that I could read about it in the paper in the morning.

I have seen the photos of jubilant mostly old white males and photos of stoney faced Democrats.  I've seen graphics of the fact checks.  And, not that I have looked that hard, but I really haven't seen anything about what was actually said.

I guess I conclude that pretty much nothing was said.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Senior Center

A year after my husband died, an acquaintance suggested that I should dye my hair red and take my redheaded self to the senior center to meet some men.

I thought, "No way!"  First of all I have no planes to ever dye my hair -- red or otherwise.  Secondly, I was 66 years old at the time.  I figured I'd have four more years before I would be ready for the senior center scene. That's for older people.

Well. those four years are almost past.  I happened to walk on a route that took me past the senior center the other day.  I really don't know what goes on in there, what kind of programs they may have, but I am not going to find out in the near future.  I realized as I walked on by that in my own head I have pushed out senior status to 75 years of age.  That gives me five and a half more years.

You are welcome to leave comments, but please don't point out flaws in my logic!

Saturday, January 27, 2018

An Anniversary of Sorts

It was just over four years ago that I was riding my bike and rode into a car.
I went flying through the air and the thought that was running through my head was, "Gee, Mike, I didn't think I would be joining you quite so soon!"  My husband had died five months previously.

I was passing the site of the accident and snapped this picture from the perspective of the driver of the car.
It's pretty clear why she didn't see me!
I was coming from the driver's right.  We were hidden from each other until it was too late.

Florida has the highest rate of bicycle-car collisions in the nation.
I'm glad I was wearing a helmet.
My face looked like an eggplant for a while but nothing was broken except my bike and that helmet.

Friday, January 26, 2018

On Birds

Just wanted to clarify that I am not against feeding birds although I don't do it myself.  My husband always had several bird feeders filled.  I did not carry on the practice out of laziness mostly.  But I quite enjoy watching the birds that flit in and out of the trees behind my condo and I do make a visit to a rookery in Florida every year.

Feeding large birds here in Florida is asking for trouble.   Great egrets and herons can get demanding.  The sandhill cranes eat grubs and bugs in the yard, which is fine, and they are very fun to watch when they dance, but they do say they can be dangerously aggressive if they are fed.

The ban on feeding songbirds here in the park is a contentious item.  I know it was allowed when I first moved in here, but a new HOA board was able to change the by-laws.  I stay out of HOA politics. If the citrus rats get into your home they do a tremendous amount of damage though.

In Vermont, bird feeding is unrestricted.  However, the  Department of Fish and Game strongly advises that bird feeders come down in the spring.

Here's why -- A few years ago then Governor Shumlin heard a ruckus outside his home.  A big ruckus.  So he jumped out of bed to investigate.  We now know that he sleeps in the nude and apparently does not keep a robe handy.  He managed to chase aware four bears that were ravishing his bird feeders by yelling "SHOO." Almost.  One bear came back, but the Gov could run pretty fast.

Not every weird headline comes out of Florida.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Along the Way

I noticed this sign while on a walk.

It is against HOA rules to even have a small feeder for song birds.  It's because the seed inevitably gets spilled on the ground and it attracts pesky rats and other critters one doesn't want hanging around.  

A man down the street used to regularly feed a great white egret.  The egret often stomped around on my roof while waiting for the food to appear down the street.  It is amazing how aggressive some of those large birds can get if you feed them.  They have been known to go through window screens to remind you if you have started this bad habit.

They say raccoons never forget a previous source of food.  And I don't mind a glimpse of an alligator from a distance, but I definitely will leave them their privacy at dinner time.

There is no poop fairy.
But here is a kind of gross story.  I had a friend who had a very cantankerous father who pitched a fit if he saw a dog pooping on his lawn.  For a while he was seen walking around the immediate neighborhood with a bottle of some murky liquid and a turkey baster.  He would cover the offending poop with the liquid and the next day -- no poop in sight!  It turned out to be bacon grease in that bottle.  Ewww. Dogs will eat most anything with bacon flavor on it.

Coincidentally,  I saw this article in The Washington Post today.