Friday, January 12, 2018

VT Winter

The day before I left Vermont I happened to  look out the window of my craft room and saw this little guy shivering under the shrub.  It was very cold that day.  

This next picture was taken January 7.  The sky was so beautiful -- all blue,not a cloud in sight.
There was no warmth from the sun though.  The snow actually squeaks when you walk on it in sub zero temperatures.

I heard it rained there today and the temps were in high fifties.  That is not supposed to last with a cold front sweeping in from the west.  Icy roads will be a real hazard tomorrow.  

Perhaps we can use this Northeast winter to attract some of those Norwegians? What a national embarrassment.


  1. I even enlarged the picture and cannot tell what critter is shivering under the shrub. A chipmunk? A frog? A baby squirrel?

  2. I'm guessing it is a little chipmunk. Poor thing! This winter has brought some really ugly weather to North America. One has to wonder if it isn't Mother Nature's way of showing her displeasure.

    I'm Canadian but I feel your pain.


  3. Well, enjoy warm, balmy Florida. Leave the cold and ice behind.

  4. You must be in Florida, or on your way. Can't say as I blame you for wanting to escape such frigid winters. Norwegians do manage though. :-)

  5. The T comments are becoming more and more not in his favour. But I am also getting fed up with CNN focusing only on him for a long time now. It is boring to here all that now as it is just so repetitive. Norway also has other cultures. It is a
    Itbis darn cold in my area. Hoping to head for warmer climate tomorrow if weather allows flights.

  6. Just found your blog and looking forward to reading more!


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