Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Good Bye to 2017

In lots of ways, certainly not the best of years.

It started off with a flurry of knitting -- pink  hats to wear to the Women's March in January.
My family was represented in Washington, D.C.,  Montpelier, VT, and Sarasota, FL.
A knit hat didn't last so long in FL though.

Eventually, I tried to ignore politics and news generally --  although I am ready for action should Mueller be fired.  So that didn't work out so well.  Also I keep up interest in Move to Amend, working for an overturn of the Supreme Court determination that corporations enjoy the protections of individuals.  A corporation is not a person IMHO.

I took some watercolor painting lessons

I volunteered at Instride Equestrian-Assisted Therapy during the winter months in Florida again.  I work in the literacy program which is built around the life and times of this guy, Little Red:

He was looking particularly handsome this day.

 In VT summer months, I took in a couple of Vermont Lake Monster ball games with my grandchildren.

 It was at one of the games that I started coming down with symptoms of Lyme's disease. Fortunately I got prompt treatment. 

My friend Diane visited me in FL in February and I visited her in New Hampshire in August.

We visited the Ringling Museum

and relaxed at her cottage.
We also walked, biked, talked and talked, ate well, and laughed and cried together.

I finished three quilts:
for my brother's new granddaughter
for my step grandson's new son

and for my sister (completing a quilt top that my mother had started years ago).

I amused myself with various other crafts.

Origami chickens I took to Easter dinner at a friend's.

I get together each mont with a group of card making friends.
I get together with painting class friends and one  us hooked on Zen doodles.

we also painted.

I don't have pictures of my reading and writing groups, but they are probably the most precious.  I have three wonderful women I meet with to discuss writing here in VT.  I belong to a poetry group in FL.  Deep friendships have come out of both these groups.  I also started, recently, attending some Burlington Writers' Workshops.  Some day I will get serious about this writing thing!

I leased a new car.

Considerably less fun was a new roof I had done at my Florida home.  I do not complain.  Who would listen when I have the luxury of two homes? Seriously . . . I am most grateful for a full life.

I went to Florida in October to take care of some Hurricane Irma related things, but mostly just had  party time with friends there.

And then back to Vermont for holidays with friends and family here. 
My daughter's and grandkids' tree.




I started dating with fear and trepidation  in 2017.
Late this past summer I met a nice man who quickly became a person of interest.

So I am still in Vermont even though it looks like this outside my back door:

Of course, I do plan on going to Florida (January 9).  
I can't change my life completely after all!

But I do look forward to what 2018 might bring.



  1. What a wonderful and full life you have!
    So are you a smitten kitten? :-)
    Happy New Year Olga.

  2. That is a rich and full year!! Congratulations.

  3. Olga, you are certainly a busy person with a full agenda. Keep it up! And I really like your water colors! Wishing you a wonderful 2018!

  4. Great to be dating again, Olga. Enjoy the rest of 2017.

  5. Thanks for putting this all together for me. You are hard to keep track of, coming and going and creating. What a wonderful life you have put together for yourself since you suddenly found it necessary to start over on your life plan.

  6. Sounds like a well rounded - and very fun - year (politics aside).

  7. What a wonderful year in review. Love the news at the end. You are a brave soul to embark on a new romance.

  8. You have really had a productive and busy year. Well done. I wondered why you were still in Vt. Good to know it is for good reason. Guess there is hope for me yet:)

  9. Hmmm ... with "a man in your life" 2018 might bring some interesting twists and turns.

  10. A rich and fulfilling life. Here's to a great year ahead!


  12. Great review of the year. I am going to give you the Georgia O'Keeffe award for flower paintings. Very lovely. Wonderful looking quilts and I love the beach scene.

    Good luck with all your endeavors for 2018 and have a very Happy New Year.

  13. Oh my, you have lots of activities. I am in a writers group too, for about 10 years now. We are great encouragers. And you mention a "person of interest", now that got my attention.


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