Monday, July 10, 2017


I took my grandson to a baseball game last Friday night.  We went to see the Lake Monsters.  Their home venue is Centennial Field in Burlington.  I think there is some kind of connection with the Tamp Bay Rays, but I am not so clear on how that all works.

My grandson enjoys going to the stadium and he knows enough about the game to follow the action.
Although there wasn't so much action at that game -- Vermont won with a run in the 15th inning. I suppose that is what they call a pitchers' duel, but it seemed like bad hitting to me (lots of fly balls and fouls).  But the experience is all about being in the stands, having a hotdog, and cheering along with the crowd.  We will go again.  It's fun and affordable.

Dane had some money burning a hole in his pocket.  He bought a foam paw and a Lake Monster stuffy:

He did not want to take these items home with him on Saturday.  He said he wanted to leave them here at my place "to decorate my room."  When my son moved into his own place last year, I thought I was gaining spare room but Dane definitely thinks of it as his very own home away from home.


  1. I am a huge lover of baseball so that sounded like a perfect day to me. Besides how fun for your grandson to spend this kind of time with you.

  2. Love the farm teams where the young men play for the love of the game. I use to love going to watch the Dodgers AAA team in Vero Beach. They always have fun stuff to watch in between innings. What a fun thing to do with your grandson. I looked it up and think the Monsters are a single A farm team for the Oakland Athletics. Future stars in the making.

  3. Smart child! He can take them to the next game as well and spend his money on something else.

    This makes me look forward to the day I can take my little grandson out to a ball game (though it's more likely to be football or possibly hockey).

  4. I love it that your grandson has claimed a room in your house. It sounds like you have a wonderful relationship.

  5. My oldest Grand Girl likes to leave certain things at my house. I couldn't figure out why it was only certain items. Then I came to the conclusion that she wanted to protect (also known as not sharing) them from her younger sister. I let her get away with it. I am two younger sisters so I understood.


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