Saturday, July 22, 2017

Lyme Disease

Thanks for the thoughts of concern and caring, everyone.

I asked a friend to come by and look to see if I had a tick bite.  She was sure it was a bite, but maybe not a tick.  She took the picture and showed it to her husband who grew up in tick country.  He said, "definitely a tick bite." So she called me and suggested (ordered😀) I go to Urgent Care.

I went to the Urgent Care and announced to the nurse and then the doctor there that I had thought I had the flu but then I noticed this (turning and lifting my shirt). The nurse said, "I'll get the doctor, but I don't think you have the flu." The doctor then heard my tale and said, "That is definitely A Lyme rash and since you are reporting fever and other flu like symptoms, I am calling in a prescription for Doxycycline hyaclate immediately. You don't have flu."  So there were questions and answers and then I stopped at the pharmacy on my way home and took the first dose.

The doctor did not feel the need to take blood.  She thought it was early enough that antibodies might not be active yet but I was getting the antibiotic anyway so it was kind of a moot point.

My sister-in-law, who had Lyme's disease last summer, said, "Meet sleep, your new best friend."  That pretty much sums it up.  All other plans put on hold for the immediate future.

Sleep is a good thing.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Fresh Hell

I took the kids to a Lake Monsters ballgame Monday night.  It was 25 cent hotdog night.  7986 sold, but I was not tempted.  Kristen wouldn't eat a hotdog except at the ballgame and Dane had two.  It was crowded, but the game was a good one although the LM lost 4-5.

We got home at 10:30 and all of a sudden I was dead tired.  I slept until ten in the morning, but The fatigue was coming at me waves.  And I had chills and fevers.  I basically stayed in bed for days.  I was blaming it on the crowd and germs of a a crowded public place.  I thought I had flu.

But, know what else causes aches and pains, severe headache, extreme fatigue, and mental fog? Lyme disease from a tick bite.  I have this unreasonable dread fear of tick bites, one.  And two, I noticed this this afternoon:

That's god-awful nasty looking.  Or I could try to pass it off as a watercolor bloom tattoo?

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Broken Bones

Not mine, I should hasten to say.

My friend Ginnie. I would call her Humpty Dumpty but she falls and breaks bones rather than an egg shell.  I went with her to a follow appointment for a broken wrist she suffered almost a month ago.  She was to have a consult with a specialist about whether or not she might need surgery.

The waiting room was filled with people with casts and bones in various states of healing.  I noticed (and this may be a gross overgeneralization, but it seemed true that day) that people with broken bones can be quite gregarious.  It was like being at a party, everybody chatting and sharing the gruesome details of their injuries, mingling as they moved from waiting room to x-ray department, calling cheery good-byes when they were whisked into the doctors' offices.

Well. in absorbing all this, I picked up a valuable tip.  I learned that it apparently a good idea to cover a cast when taking a shower.  You can fool around with plastic bags, but that is difficult if you don't have someone around to help secure it and even then it might fail.  I learned that there are covers you can buy at a medical supply place, but these are quite pricey.  So here's the tip revealed by a young woman who was comparing arm casts with Ginnie:

Go to a local farm supply store.  Purchase breeder gloves.  They're generally used for artificially inseminating cows and horses.

They are relatively inexpensive -- ten for 12 bucks.  They come in colors!

I hope I never have to use this tip.  I hope you never have to either, but now you know.  I should post this on Pinterest.

Monday, July 10, 2017


I took my grandson to a baseball game last Friday night.  We went to see the Lake Monsters.  Their home venue is Centennial Field in Burlington.  I think there is some kind of connection with the Tamp Bay Rays, but I am not so clear on how that all works.

My grandson enjoys going to the stadium and he knows enough about the game to follow the action.
Although there wasn't so much action at that game -- Vermont won with a run in the 15th inning. I suppose that is what they call a pitchers' duel, but it seemed like bad hitting to me (lots of fly balls and fouls).  But the experience is all about being in the stands, having a hotdog, and cheering along with the crowd.  We will go again.  It's fun and affordable.

Dane had some money burning a hole in his pocket.  He bought a foam paw and a Lake Monster stuffy:

He did not want to take these items home with him on Saturday.  He said he wanted to leave them here at my place "to decorate my room."  When my son moved into his own place last year, I thought I was gaining spare room but Dane definitely thinks of it as his very own home away from home.

Thursday, July 6, 2017


I had a pleasant Fourth spent with friends.  We watched a parade, had chicken barbecue, and took in the fireworks.  I enjoy watching fireworks.  A friend from Florida sent me a picture of the light show put on in Venice.

Mother Nature was not going to be outdone!

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Never Say Never

My condo has a teeny tiny kitchen.  It has what I need to cook for myself although some might find it lacking because I do not have a microwave.

I had a small coffee pot -- one of those Mr. Coffee kind that made two cups even though it claimed to make five.  That was fine as I seldom to never drink more than two cups.  Unfortunately, I cracked the carafe and I could not find a replacement at nearby stores.  I bought a new coffee pot instead:

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew

My son worked for Keurig when they first came out with those K-cup things and I said, "What a waste.  I would never own one of those things?"

Well guess what.  I can now use K-cups to make my morning cup of coffee.  This coffee maker did come with a reusable filter so I fill that and enjoy my magic wake-up elixir. But it does have a cup that can be used for the individual pods.

That is what I will use nearly all the time.

Monday, June 26, 2017

A Movie Night

Google image

My sister-in-law and friend, Jean, was here for a weekend visit.  Since it was pouring for most of the day on Friday, we mostly did indoor things.  We went out to lunch, poked around an antique/50's vintage store, visited the Lake Champlain Chocolates factory.  In the evening we decided to go to a movie.  We picked Beatriz at Dinner.

Here's what Rotten Tomatoes has to say about the movie:
Beatriz (Salma Hayek), an immigrant from a poor town in Mexico, has drawn on her innate kindness to build a career as a health practitioner in Los Angeles. Doug Strutt (John Lithgow) is a cutthroat, self-satisfied billionaire. When these two opposites meet at a dinner party, their worlds collide and neither will ever be the same.

 They gave it four stars for its "timely social commentary" and powerful acting.

Well, if you like your timely social commentary delivered with a sledge hammer to the head, I suppose I can see the rating.  But you can save the price of a movie theater ticket and just watch the television news or read a newspaper. There's a big divide in the country.

I thought the movie was annoyingly obtuse.   Beatriz will never be the same, perhaps, but I did not I didn't see any kind of light go on for Doug Strutt.  Neither character was especially endearing.  My take-away was in thinking of soul development and it's clear that there is a whole lotta work in need of doing before any kind enlightenment is the norm.

Monday, June 19, 2017


I was innocently eating an apple when my grandson let out a cry of disbelief.

What's wrong?

I have to get an apple so I can show you how to eat one!

You take a bite, chew, swallow, take another bite.  It's not rocket science.

You're holding it wrong.  I can'f believe you don't know how to eat an apple, Grandma!

Holding it wrong?

Well, the lad has definite ideas about the proper way of orienting an apple as you move it toward the mouth and take a bite.

For decades now I have held an apple -- thumb on the blossom end, fingers on the stem end -- and bit into it so that my thumb and fingers would line up along the corners of my mouth.

Even toddlers know how to do it.

Dane, on the other hand, thinks the apple should be stem up and blossom end down. I guess some people agree.

In any case, I guess an apple a day will keep the doctor away.

Thursday, June 8, 2017


Oh, there is this blinding ball of light in the sky!  Whatever could it be?

I am watching the lawnmower service busy outside.  One guy with a weed whacker and another on a huge lawn tractor.  The grass was indeed very high, but the ground is so saturated I don't quite understand how that large mower is not sinking and making ruts.

In truth, I would rather be sipping my coffee and watching the rabbits cavorting on the lawn.  They are ever so much cuter and quieter.


I went with a friend to see author Howard Norman do a reading from his new book, My Darling Detective, at the bookstore in Montpelier.

The reading was intriguing enough to make me purchase the book on the spot.  It is billed on the back cover reviews as "an homage to noir."


I hope every one is enjoying Linda's garden tours.  I will show you why I am always in such awe of her photos of Washington state gardens:

Only one iris bud and one peony bud!

Baby host

Annuals in pots

do add spots of color.

My herb garden

Rhododendron put on a good display though.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Some Words of Wisdom

offer some words of wisdom today:

  • Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

  • Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.

  • You do not need a parachute to skydive. You only need a parachute to skydive twice.

  • The early bird might get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

  •  Always borrow money from a pessimist. He won't expect it back.

  • When tempted to fight fire with fire, remember that the Fire Department usually uses water.

  • Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine.

You're welcome!  Have a good day!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Kay, on her blog Musings, recently posted about shampoo.

I loved her first line:

        You know I'm having difficulty finding something to write about when I wander around the house staring at           things.

I had to laugh because I know that feeling all too well.

Her topic of shampoo got me thinking about hair because my hair was a fairly frequent topic of discussion during my winter in Florida.

Obviously, I don't spend a lot of time or money on my hair:

The guy that cuts my hair used to suggest "low lights" (whatever those are) but he has given up and now agrees I should just be grateful for a "healthy head of hair."

One woman with whom I walk the beach told me that my hair color does not suit me.  I should dye it red and then the two of us will go to the Senior Center to pick up men!!

Good grief!  I really do not see myself as a red head.  And quite frankly, if I want to pick up men, the Senior Center is not going to be my venue of choice.*

Other friends staged what felt like an intervention, telling me I would look years younger if I just colored my hair.

A.  I would not feel in any way good about having chemicals dumped on my head. No, just no.  

B.  I quite like my hair just the way it is.

I should probably mention that no one thinks twice about hair in Vermont, the hippie-dippy natural state.  You've all seen Bernie.

*Sorry to be ageist. But here is my take on dating at a certain age, all the same:

Growing old with someone 

is a mystical mirror.
Looking in, I  see you,  
as I see  myself,
the sinewy muscle,
fresh,  smooth skin,
and lush, full lips
ripe for kissing,
even as it fades, a hint
of boundless energy.

Oh how memory softens
sharp edges of reality, 
the good old days and
getting through the bad.
The brutal fact remains -- 
and sad to say --
we are not bottles of wine 
nestled in Chateau Margaux 
aging into perfection.

Don’t think I whine about 
Growing old...No.
I mourn the loss of
Shared memories, 
shared illusions preserving
that reflection of youth
Because frankly
men my age 
Are just so darn old.

March, 2017

Monday, May 22, 2017

Still Spring

It is still spring in Vermont although for two or three days last week we had a taste of summer with temperatures shooting up to high 80's.

Before I could snap a picture of the gorgeous pinkness of the crab apple tree in bloom, a cold front blew in and also blew all the petals off the tree.  My car, parked nearby, looked like it had been festooned with confetti.

The grass is green and the trees have that tender yellow-green cast of early leaves, but the sun wants to stay hidden.

Contrast the water views:

Spring in VT

Winter in FL


I am frustrated with trying to post adequate photos.  These are from my old phone, obviously not an up to date iPhone.

I don't know whether to blame Google, Blogger, Apple's Photos or the Universe in general, but I cannot access "Photos" on my computer when I am working to post in Blogger.  Grr.  I just get the spinning thing.

Maybe it's me. 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Stray Bits

I have had a busy time since getting back to Vermont.  I had dinner with my son on Wednesday night, dinner out with my friend Ginnie on Thursday, a long walk in the country with my friend Donna on Friday and I went to see my daughter and grandkids this past weekend.  I have fit in a couple yoga classes and other exercise.  I have been practicing my watercolor painting.  And Zen doodling.

In the evenings, I have been sitting wrapped in my favorite quilt next to the gas fireplace, sometimes watching television, sometimes reading.  I started a book I am enjoying very much -- A Man Called Ove.

I really have not liked the cold weather.  My bones actually ache.

It has warmed up today and tomorrow everyone will be complaining about the heat.  I have some container gardens to get started, but the warm weather is not supposed to last through next weekend.  I am planning to visit the garden center tomorrow though.

I have been staying away from Facebook and I do think my mental health has benefited from it.  Still, I don't want to have my head buried in the sand either.  I read the Washington Post and watch nightly news on PBS and sometimes ABC. It's like watching a train wreck -- painful but I can't pull my eyes away.  I haven't suffered from GERD since my retirement, but lately it is back in full force.

I guess I better go doodle some more.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Springtime in Vermont

My flight back to Vermont was pretty stress free.  I am happy to report that no one was dragged off the plane kicking and screaming.  No public arrests were made.

I have figured out that the airlines follow this rule: The less the time between landing and take-off for any transfer, the greater the distance between the two gates.  Theoretically, there was plenty of time, but unfortunately the plane from Sarasota had to sit on the tarmac for a very long time waiting for a clear path to the gate at the stop in Charlotte.  I made it as the next plane was boarding after a mad dash across the airport.

It was cold and rainy when I got to Vermont.  Supposed to be this way all week.  Of course my heat was at very low setting so it took a day and a half to warm everything up.  I was bundled up for my trip to the grocery store but everyone else was in shorts and maybe a long sleeved shirt.  50 degrees...people should not have to live like this! (But do I get any sympathy at all??)

It really looks like springtime though.  The grass is green.  Robins are hopping around in the yard.
Some flowers are in bloom. Trees and crabapple blossoms are budded out.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Night Life

I went out with friends on Saturday night to hear a band play at a bar in Sarasota. It has been a long long time since I did something like that.  The band was great, and, as I remembered from my younger days, even better during the second set. (Still unclear as to whether that is due to the band's or the audience's advancing lubrication.)

What was different for me was the number of cell phones in evidence.  I told you it had been a long time since I have been to a bar to see a band.) People were snapping pictures of the band with their phones and that was kind of cool.  The woman sitting at the table next to me was snapping selfies, lots of them.  I could see her posing this way and that and snapping away.  Good grief, we have become self-absorbed. (I am in danger of sounding like my father!)

I looked around to find that there were plenty of people swiping and texting away on there phone, eyes on the screens -- not the band, not the people they were with.  It took a lot of the fun out of people watching. (Like watching sheep eating grass.)

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Vacation Time

Recently it got to the point where the most frequent communication to me on FaceBook was, "Just got another friend request from you.  Change your password, you've been hacked."  I know it happens, but three times in six weeks.  I simply have run out of ideas for passwords.

I closed my Facebook account.

And you know what?  It's nice to go out for a morning walk or a bike ride instead of being glued to the computer screen.

I am also running out of steam for blog posts.  So, time for a vacation.  I will check in on my reading list from time to time and maybe post on my Act 3 blog.

Perhaps I will start getting out more and find something worth blogging about here eventually.

Monday, March 13, 2017


I am always striving for balance in my life, but today I am talking about physical balance. I often read that many people start to have problems with balance, seemingly as a consequence of aging.  Falls and resulting injuries (like a broken hip) can have a detrimental effect on the quality of life and even sometimes are implicated in deaths due to injury.

I am in the demographic -- according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over a third of those 65 years or over false act year.

Actually, I am well ahead of the curve.  I have been falling since I was two when I tumbled down the full flight of steep cellar steps and broke my nose.  When I was a little older my mother actually had me practice leading with my bum as I fell so I would not break an arm.  My mother had a dread fear of one of her children breaking an arm and she figured I was the most likely candidate.

I guess the early training worked as I have yet (knock wood) to break my arm.  I have bruised my bum though!

And I have taken some pretty spectacular falls, but I am not attributing any of them to age.  It's all about natural born clumsiness.  Still, I think it is a good idea that I take yoga and a balance Pilates class.

I have added mindful meditation to my routine as well.  I have not broken anything other than my nose, but I don't want to press my luck so I will do what I can.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Sharing an important find

Confession: I struggle with a weakness for potato chips.

Well imagine my delight when I found these at the local Publix grocery store.
I was just so excited I had to share!

Nutrient-dense!  Gluten free!  Certified non-GMO! Small batch cooking!  Obviously made with love. They do taste good!

Alternative health food is a thing now, right?

Thursday, March 2, 2017


I signed up for some painting classes through Sarasota County's Adult Continuing Education Program.  Eight lessons for $130 -- can't really find a better deal than that.

The added bonus is that I did learn quite a bit.  I am not planning on quitting my day job and sailing down to the Florida Keys to become  a full time artist by any means.  However, I am finding that I enjoy learning something new and I enjoy painting enough to want to keep working at it.  Eventually I will turn out something I think worthy of hanging on my wall.

Yesterday, the subject was painting boats with a reflection in the water.

One more lesson to go in this series.  Unfortunately the instructor announced that he would not be continuing to through ACE.  I don't know yet whether there will be other classes but I plan on checking that out.

Saturday, February 25, 2017


This will be the fourth year that I have volunteered at InStride Therapy.  I work on Thursday mornings when kindergarten and first grade students from area schools come on field trips to learn about the care and feeding of the horses and participate in associated literacy activities.

Little Red is the star attraction.  You can see he was all gussied up for this season's debut. He's a handsome pony and he does kind of know it.

Saturday, February 18, 2017


I had a cold right after I arrived in Florida.  I blamed it on airport germs and got over it in the usual  week's time.  Then I got another cold about two weeks ago.  What?  This is unusual for me.  And this one seemed to want to hang on but I convinced myself I felt better after ten days.

Well, Thursday night was a real bother with a hacking dry cough that kept me awake and miserable.
I didn't really feel that bad.  My nose started running again.  Another cold?  I decided to have this checked up so I called my doctor and she squeezed me into her schedule.  She diagnosed bronchitis and prescribed some kind of medicinal cocktail.

I have never had bronchitis before and can't say I like it very much.  I am going to assume the medicine is working, but I sure am not.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

This made me laugh

New uses for mason jar lids from Real Simple Magazine, February, 2017:

The outer ring parts to mason jar lids can be used as a makeshift muffin tin.  You set six rings ,wide side down, on a baking sheet and place  paper muffin/cupcake papers in each and fill with the muffin batter.

 "Cant't find the muffin tin?"  But here are these six jar lids just laying around so no problem.

This is not a kitchen I can even comprehend.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Joys of aging

Pretty much every week I receive some flyer in the mail notifying me about the availability of one hearing aid clinic or another.  This is the case whether I am in Vermont or in Florida.  As far as I know, my hearing is pretty good.  Last time I had it checked I was told I had the hearing of a teenager and I assumed that meant it was good.  It has been a while but I have not noticed much change. I keep wondering if I am targeted because of my age or if someone is referring me.

This week it was something new.  "Join us for a FREE LUNCH & informational seminar on the benefits of preplanning your cremation."  Good grief.

Something is always coming up that veers me, however momentarily, from my efforts to live my life with mindfulness in the moment.

Which reminds me that I recently read a review of The Perpetual Now by Michael D. Lemonik.  It is about a woman who develops a severe amnesia as the result of an illness.   She lives perpetually in the moment since her memories are erased entirely about every fifteen minutes.  I think I really don't want to live in the moment quite that much.

And now I am feeling the willingness to get out and explore, perhaps entertain a new relationship.
I wrote a poem to Mike about that.

Dating Dilemma

Growing old with someone
involves a mystical mirror.
Looking in, I saw you
as I see myself --
the sinewy muscles,
dewy fresh skin,
lush, full lips
ripe for kissing,
even as it fades, a hint
of boundless energy.

Oh, how memories softens
sharp edges of reality --
the "good old days"
and getting through the bad.
The brutal fact remains --
so sad to say --
we are not bottles of wine
nestled in Chateau Margaux,
aging to perfection.

Don't think I moan about
growing old...No.
I mourn the loss of
shared memories,
shared illusions preserving
that reflection of youth
because, frankly,
men my age
are just so darn old.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Elegance of the Hedgehog

I have just finished re-reading The Elegance of the Hedgehog  by Muriel Barbery, translated from its original French.  We will be discussing it in next reading group.  I had forgotten this but I was reminded by someone with a better memory that I was the one who picked it.  I am wondering how it will be received.

Our last book was The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver.  Funny, I remember exactly who recommended that one.  It was also a second reading for me.  I remembered the story and I think Kingsolver is a very good writer, but I did not remember the brilliance of the structure of the book.  Perhaps it takes a second reading to be fully appreciated.  My fond assessment of the book was a minority opinion, however.

I suspect that will also be the case with Barbery's book.  Si très français, which I say with the utmost fondness. It was a difficult read in the sense that I had to look up words and references to philosophy, yet the story was fairly simple.

I have a small fear that I may be asked to leave the book group. This happened to my sister in her book discussion group. She was told she had the tendency to think too much about the books. I tend to go on about the writing rather than the story. Maybe it was the way we were raised. Others seem to find us rather odd sometimes.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Breath In, Breath Out, Repeat

I do a mindful meditation.  Focus on the breath.  When thoughts come, notice and then return to the breath.  Notice what is going on in the body and send breath to any place of tension or pain.

I am looking for a place of clarity and total letting go.

Although lately not so much, sometimes I get there.  I tell myself I will hang on to that.

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I think what a beautiful day.  I am just going to enjoy it.
I have a cup of coffee while watching the sun rise and listening to a flock of tiny little sparrows chirping as they flit around the bushes in the yard.

But I always end up turning on my computer to check emails and read blogs with my second cup of coffee.

The NYT headline flashes in the upper right hand corner of the screen.  My stomach knots and my breath catches in my chest.  My inner Dorothy Parker screams out Oh what fresh hell is this?

For my own health and well being I need to resist.

But I also need to resist the lure of watching the crash and burn, to convince myself that this too shall pass.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


I will not be anywhere near Washington, D.C. on Friday, but if I was I wouldn't attend the inauguration of our next President.  Nor will I be watching it on TV.  I am making Friday a media free day entirely.

It's not that I don't accept the election results or that I am hoping that he fails.  That would be cutting off my nose to spite my face.  Republicans of the Congress and Senate have been doing that for the past eight years and it has not been  pretty.

KARMA, Baby. Sweet Karma!

I will not be watching out of sadness that my vote counted for nothing.  I won't even pretend to grasp all the nuances of the Electoral College system.  I know I have not been able to successfully explain it to foreign friends.  I do know that, once again, my vote was in the majority but yet somehow I lost.

After the inauguration, I will use whatever is in me to stand up for all people in this country to have access to adequate health care,: for people to have food to eat (without demanding that everyone become a sensible consumer of only organic produce and only Vermont maple syrup -- so, see, I am not unreasonable); for people  to be safe when they go to school or work or out to have a good time no matter who they pray to, who the love. or who they vote for or where they live; for people to have clean water that won't make them sick or give them rashes no matter where they live.

That's not so awful, is it?

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Wanna Know a Secret?

If you spend much time on the computer cruising the's an actual have no doubt noticed all kinds of tempting promises.  The secret to younger looking, skin, the secret to a flat stomach, the secret to getting out of debt.

I see a lot of "the secrets to a clean house" and "the secret habits of those who always have a tidy home."

The big secrets for a clean home include making the bed each morning, hanging up clothes and putting away shoes, always putting things right back where they belong, cleaning the kitchen each night, dealing with mail/paper each day, and wiping up even the smallest little mess immediately.

Big secrets, huh.  Wish I was the genius who wrote all that.

If you want a clean house, clean every day.  Real Simple (which is where these tips came from).

Monday, January 9, 2017

Restless Nights

Some mornings I get up,  run a hand over the sheet to smooth it it out and my bed is made and I am on my way.

Other mornings, not so much.
It looks as though I was trying to create a tornado out of the bed covers. I don't think it shows how really twisted up it was.  I wish I could remember what I must have been dreaming...or maybe it's just as well I don't.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Warning, warning! on the safe side and heat it up on the stove?

Maybe if one is so lacking in common sense, one should be protectively banned from even walking through the kitchen?

I recently bought peanut butter with one listed ingredient: organic dry roasted peanuts. But of course there was the necessary warning: **Contains peanut ingredients.

Now I know food allergies are a serious thing and I by no means dismiss this as a problem.  Just that I suspect anyone who has had an allergic reaction is not going to pick up a container of peanut butter and say, "Oh, it doesn't have an official warning, maybe I'll give this a try."

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Horoscope for 2017

I am thinking it's a good thing that I am a Gemini.  Twins being my astrological sign helps me adjust easily when I move from one life to another.

Today I am sitting on the breezeway enjoying a very pleasantly warm breeze and some sunshine and it probably would not have even taken a week for me to slip into my Florida self except that I have been fighting a cold.

There was the thought in my head as I navigated crowded airports that there were so many people and, therefore, so many germs.  Talk about opening the door and inviting a cold right in!  Now I am inviting it to just go right on out the door and move on but it seems to be enjoying tickling my throat and clogging up my sinuses -- mostly just at night the past couple of days.

So my horoscope for 2017, or at least one of them, predicts slow changes, new romance, financial stability, personal/career growth, and possible online romance or new online business.  There are some changes.  I am wondering if there is a way to speed some of them up?