Friday, June 3, 2016

Donut Day

I am not usually up and out first thing in the morning, but I set my alarm this morning because I was taking my friend, Ginnie, to an eye doctor appointment after her first cataract surgery.

I knew from experience that making coffee and then going about my routine would result in my losing track of time -- something that is not at all helpful around doctor appointments -- even though technically I had plenty of time.

I got dressed and decided to stop at the Dunkin' Donut shop which was on my way to Ginnie's house.

Little did I realize that today is National Donut Day.   I noticed how full the parking lot right in front of the shop was, but the penny still didn't drop.  C'mon, no coffee in my system yet.

Unfortunately, I didn't see how congested the drive through line was until too late.  I was already hemmed into that line.  And cars kept pouring in.  My thought was what are they giving out free donuts today? 

Come to find out, yes, that is exactly what they were doing.

By the time I had picked up my coffee the parking lot was very near gridlock and some were getting testy.  It's a good thing I have a small car and could squeeze out.

At least somewhere there was acknowledgement of this fine American holiday with a bit of  a sense of humor.


  1. Donuts and coffee can't be beat. Yum.

  2. I would like to see Garmin develop the Curmudgeon's App for their GPS receivers. It would search the Internet daily for all art fairs, parades, historical days, community days, sporting events, firework displays, store sales, and National ______ Days within a 100 mile radius of your current location. It would then highlight the relevant locations as navigational hazards to be avoided by curmudgeons and provide driving directions away from the brouhaha. So in this case, your Garmin would search the net and learn that the day was National Donut Day. It would then highlight all donut shops as locations to avoid for that day, and then sent you off to McDonalds for a cup of coffee.

  3. I love it! What a kind thing to do!

  4. Aw Gee, I haven't had a Dunkin' Donut in at least 12 years. I love them.

  5. I try hard to avoid donuts these days -- try but don't always succeed! But I sure didn't know about National Donut Day!


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