Sunday, November 8, 2015

A Trial of Moving

You have seen them, right?  Those ads about someone about to move and all his/her friends have excuses about why they cannot be around to help.  Then the person moving calls Comcast--"No Problem!"  Easy peasy.

 Well, I gave Comcast advance warning that I would be moving and they did indeed say, "No Problem!  Just give us a call closer to the actual move date and you will have to be given a new phone number."

So the day after I moved I went to Comcast.  The woman who helped me said it would be easiest to close the old account and take new, updated equipment on a new account.  She gave me a new phone number and a big bag of equipment and told me to return the old stuff at my convenience. 

Oh, but in order to open the new account I needed to give a phone number.  Well my new number is not activated.  That's okay.  Give us your cell number.  And off I go.  My son and I hooked up the new modem and cable box.  No problem... until we actually tried to a) watch something on television, b) connect to the internet, and c) use the phone.

We did get a tv message saying I needed to call 1-800-XXXX.  I did.  Using my cell phone, the number that is on my Comcast account for Florida as well as, at the time, my new place.  The automated voice recognized my Florida address and asked if that was the account I was call about.  I said no, it was not.

I was connected to support and led through a number of options to try, none of which worked.  I finally said that I needed someone to come to my home and troubleshoot this situation.  This was last Sunday.  The kindly voice set up tech support for Tuesday between 5 and 7.  So at 6 p.m. on Tuesday I get a call asking me why I was not answering my door since I had scheduled tech support.  I said, well funny thing is I am standing here at my door waiting for said tech support and no one is ringing my doorbell.

Yes.  The tech support was knocking on my door in Florida.

I went to the Comcast office on Wednesday morning.  I was not a happy camper.
I gave them the sad tale of woe and tried to give them the new equipment back.  No, no, that is good.  We will set up tech support here in Vermont for sure this time.  Can you be there tomorrow morning between 8 and 10?  (No, because I was having my colonoscopy at that time.)  Well, then, we can send some one on Sunday morning.

A tech came on Sunday morning.  He found that the external wire was split and needed to be replaced.  He set up the television and said everything should be ready to go.  Fine...except I still could not get online and access voice mail.  Another call the Comcast.

The first call was cut off.

Yet another call to Comcast.  Finally all was straightened out and resolved.  

At least I am hoping.

NOPE. Could not get onto my home wifi this morning.  Another call...reset the modem.  That did not work.  Call of the day #2...The guy was flummoxed by my description of the problems I was having so I was sent to a secret number for wireless support.  The transfer went awry.  Call #3...during which my wifi password was changed, I had to restart the computer, the xfinity hotspot had to be disabled.

I will only say for this particular moment every thing seems to be working as expected.

I am wondering what I will get for my frequent caller points?  In spite of the fact that I had no service for nine days, my bill is for the full month of services.  I think I may have to chat with them about that later today.


  1. I would definitely demand that they cut the bill for the loss of service that was THEIR fault.

  2. Frustrating! More than frustrating. Don't get me started about Comcast. We had similar problems and my husband took them on and got credit for all the days we were without service due their incompetency. I hope you win that battle also.

  3. Oh I agree that at least one more call is in order! You should not have to pay for days you didn't have service. Of course having been through this before when they credit you for those days you somehow manage to get very little back for those days!

  4. Indeed with Comcast and Verizon I have found the billing to operate flawlessly, everything else? So so to poor with Comcast and down right abysmal with Verizon. But billing never a problem. Well look at it this way, better to have problems with Comcast than colonoscopy.

  5. We pay a lot of money to Comcast every month, but we have been happy with our service and any trouble we have had.

  6. Your tale of woe really gets my goat. I hate these big companies who advertise one thing and deliver NOTHING!! Bless your heart and the internal agony you have had to endure.

  7. I did have to make one call after I wrote this, but everything is up and running now. The last guy I talked to realized what my problem was--that my computer was going to a public, non-secured hotspot instead of my home wifi--and even better, the very simple fix it took to rectify the situation. The fix was so basic that had I taken it to the local library where you can meet with a teenager who will teach you about using your computer effectively, it would have been fixed right away.

    1. Becareful with cell phones or tablets with the Xfinity hotspots. My Kindle-Fire is just as likely to select the hotspot as it is my home address. As you say it is non-secure.

  8. I cannot tell you the problems we've had with Comcast both in the mountains and when we had the Denver house. I believe they have the distinction of being the second most hated company in America. I can't imagine the service of the company that is # 1! I finally did manage to get a refund for months we were with sporadic service. I got their attention when I wrote to the Better Business Bureau. I was given my own customer service person with my own personal phone # to reach her. Unfortunately, when that problem was solved, the # became defunct and I couldn't use it for future problems.

  9. Oh good grief! That's aggravating! You should mention to Comcast that you're putting all this on your blog. I would avoid Comcast, that's for sure.


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