Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Spring Beauty

The beauty of spring in all its glory:

bleeding heart

snowball viburnum

some kind of miniature iris

fragrant lily of the valley

and lilacs


purple and white iris

crab apple blossoms


And then there is the less glorious:


  1. Lovely photos Olga, although I like the less glorious also. A big field of dandelions is a thing to behold.

  2. Olga, I have tears in my eyes as I view your photos - all of my favorites (except Dandelions and crabgrass). Many I can't grow at my altitude. I've tried Bleeding Heart a couple times (one of my Mom's favorites), but I can't get it past the first year. Enjoy them for me, will you?

  3. I can see why you love going to Vermont, the flowers are so beautiful. Especially your lilacs and your lily of the valley. I sure miss those 2.

  4. I'm with Barb. I wish I could grow these favorites in my yard also. This year we have had so much rain that we have not been able to plant a thing. Your photos are really lovely. Happy spring!

  5. It looks like your spring happens all at once!

    1. Some things were late(lily of the valley) and some early (iris) so it does seem to be here all at once tis year and it is quite lovely.

  6. Ahhhhhh...the beauties of spring. It all looks so glorious, Olga! I love spring.

  7. Ooh, ooh, Vermont is in bloom and looking good. I have lots of those less glorious specimens. .

  8. beautiful flowers! Hope you enjoy them all!

  9. Olga, thanks for sharing your lovely flower pics. I especially like the miniature iris...

  10. So pretty! I absolutely love the scent of spring with the lilacs and apple blossoms. Not so much a fan of the dandelions but I guess one takes the not so good along with the beautiful.


  11. what beauty you have brought to me this morning :-)

  12. what beauty you have brought to me this morning :-)

  13. what beauty you have brought to me this morning :-)


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