Thursday, April 2, 2015


I did not grow up with a tradition of decorating the house for every holiday.

My Dad put out a flag for the Fourth and eventually put it out every day.
He bought my Mom a pot of hyacinth at Easter and that is the scent I associate with the day.  We put a tree and hung a wreath on the door for Christmas.

The big thing that let us know it was holiday time when I was growing up was my Mom's cooking.  And her table was a tableau of the season.

I have not followed that cooking tradition.  I will be going on a picnic on Sunday.  But I have followed the minimalist approach to home decoration.

This is the extent of my efforts this year:


  1. My wife goes crazy for every holiday and then gets mad when I don't notice. I have this amazing ability to walk through this house and not see anything but the navigational obstacles.

  2. That's a cute decoration for Easter. Nothing wrong with being a minimalist.

  3. Hey me too. Owning a cat has forced minimalism on me. That is just the right touch and adorable. Have a fun picnic.

  4. I didn't decorate for Easter this year because we are going to my daughter's house and really because my space is just so limited. I like to take the kids to the dollar store or thrift store and pick up some odds and ends and create a vignette around that but just didn't get to see them in time to get it done this year. Oh well, I see dozen of cute decorations on the web and it makes me feel like I've got the spirit going.

  5. Cute! I don't do much decorating for Easter, but I do have a wreath for the door, a basket of eggs (plastic) for the table and a couple of bunnies.

    My mom was the cook, Easter ham, scalloped potatoes, peas, and home made buns. I don't recall dessert. My daughter is away so this year my son and I are having meatloaf...with scalloped potatoes!

    Have a wonderful picnic!

  6. I am pretty much the same way. You can usually tell the season by my patterned plastic table cloth and I did put an Easter Bunny one on the table about a week ago. My decorating was done!

  7. We have the kids over and had a grand time!

  8. I have a strong attraction to Beatrix Potter's works especially the little rabbit.
    I think you did just fine.


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