Saturday, March 29, 2014

Winter Rain

It has been a rainy week here in Venice.  My sister was lucky to have picked the previous week for her vacation.

Some pictures of a trip to Spanish Point from last week:

I have been busy this week in spite of the rain--lunches with friends, a picnic, my volunteer duties, yoga classes, impromptu get togethers with neighbors for an evening glass of wine.  Some how I have had so many occasions to laugh and really enjoy myself in the past two weeks.  I am feeling good.  I think I will be able to face things at home once I get there.

I will be in a whirlwind next Monday and Tuesday to get the house cleaned up and closed down.  All I have done in that regard is make up my list.  I have not even printed it out yet.

I finished my wall hanging and put it in my bedroom:

This will be the weekend of strange meals as I clean out my refrigerator.  I won't be posting any of the recipes.  i will be thankful for the garbage disposal.


  1. Now I know you are still in Venice. My sister was a bit put off by this week's weather too but at least it's not as cold as here. It just won't let go of the cold yet! so opposite of last year.
    Love you wall hanging:}

  2. Your wall hanging is lovely. Glad you had a great time socializing with friends and family. Way to go, Olga!

  3. Sounds like a very busy, but a happy week. Your wall hanging is lovely, it certainly suits the room well.

    Good luck with the packing up. I've eaten meals like that before...they can be very interesting, if not as tasty!

  4. Well done on the wall hanging. A perfect fit. I sure don't envy your move. I guess you will miss the Fla weather and activities but will be glad to go back to life #1, if the weather improves. Have my toes crossed for you.

  5. Your wall hanging did come out beautiful and looks so perfect. I hope the packing and traveling goes well. Be safe and take sunshine with you!

  6. Great colors in your room!

    We are on the road to home tomorrow also. And ready. Safe journey to you.

  7. The wall hanging is lovely. You are so very talented! Have a safe trip.

  8. I love your hanging. Post the picture of the other one that has the Chinese character. I love Asian art.

  9. Be careful about the left overs you eat. I got food poisoning once cleaning out the fridge. Your room is lovely and the new wall hanging is perfect. You have a decorator's eye.

  10. What bright, beautiful colors in your bedroom.
    It's wonderful that you are able to make friends wherever you are and to have such a good time.

  11. Its' great that you've had so many occasions to laugh and really enjoy yourself in the past two weeks -- may the happiness carry forward to Vermont.

  12. Since we had 5 - 6 cm of snow yesterday, I'd just be happy for sunshine!

    Happy trails to you!
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!


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