Sunday, December 15, 2013

Ready or Not...

The wreath is on my door.  Note the absence of snow here.  A day can make a big difference.  When I woke up this morning, I thought maybe the predictions were all wrong.  There was an icy glaze on the ground, but not much else.  By the time my coffee was brewed, the snow was falling in earnest.  Honestly, I thought is was "too cold to snow" but I was wrong.

It is pretty, but I hope the roads are not too treacherous.  Mike would have built a fire and settled in for the day.  I will not bother with the fire but get out my long johns and I still plan to make my way to my sister's for a family dinner.  He was the smart one, but I am intrepid.

The presents are all wrapped and ready to go under various trees of family nearby.  Some will be mailed to family far away.

I was inspired this morning by Betsy and her post about The Twelve Days of Christmas.  It is too late this year, but I want to add this idea to a new way of doing Christmas.

Tomorrow, my plan is to pack my bag.  I will be flying to Florida on Friday.  My son has agreed to house sit this year while I am gone--a big, huge relief.


  1. Nice wreath. No snow here in Hawaii, but right now we are experiencing a bad thunderstorm. To prevent broken branches, we took the Impatiens plant off the patio table and placed it in the laundry room. Glad you have someone to house sit.

  2. Thanks for sharing the link -- that really would be so wonderful to do. My goal for today is to get the one box that has to be mailed ready to go to the Post Office today. And here I sit! Guess I best get at it. So glad your son can take care of your home. Must give you some peace of mind. Travel safe!

  3. Just came back from Florida. It was marvelous.
    Looks like you have the holidays all set. How nice that you have such a dependable house sitter.
    Just think, soon it will be sand in your shoes.

  4. That is a big relief, to have your son house sit. Travel safe, and enjoy those warm temps. We're pulling out on the 26th. Can't wait to have warm feet again!!!!

  5. Good for you! We don't do gifts in a big way, so I am spared. Have a safe trip, Olga, and enjoy those warmer climes. It's been very cold here in CO. (Though today it's to warm into the 30's.)

  6. You really are all ready!! Have a safe trip to Florida, and think of us back here in the cold!!

  7. Safe travels! Enjoy your family dinner too - I hope the roads aren't too horrible.

  8. Thank you for mentioning the 12 Days of Christmas! I would love to hear that other people bring the fun to a family next year. Have a safe trip. I wish you peace.


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