Friday, September 6, 2013


I have to believe in angels watching over us and that those angels are the people who loved us during their time on earth.

Yesterday I read blogs in the morning.  On GigiHawaii ,  I saw a link to the site for Leigh Ann Phillips, a new age sound healer.  I had been thinking when I woke up about what music to use at Mike's celebration of li on Saturday.  There was a review of Phillip's latest album,  Mik'ael, on that site. 

Now, know that Mike would not willingly listen to more than three seconds of new age music, but when we did our advanced directives a few years ago, we talked about the fact that services after a death were for remembering the loved one and for providing comfort to the family.

"Mik'ael"?  Is it the comedian Jeff Foxworthy that says, "There's your sign!"?

Later in the morning,  I had a call from a friend of Mike's from Minnesota.   I recognized the caller ID and assumed it was a condolence call, but as it happened he had not heard and I had to tell him the sad news.  We both ended up crying so hard we had to just hang up.  It set off a pretty drippy day for me.  It was a beautiful, crisp September day, though, and I decided to go out for a walk.  As I walked up the road, a car went by, not pulling out into the oncoming lane as they so often do (do I really take up that much space?) and I was drawn to look at the license plate...FINDJOY.

He is so near.


  1. It is terrible each time I run across someone who does not yet know. Often they share my sorrow but as often they break into a story of someone they lost recently and seem to forget what a deep emotional event I have just shared with them.

    Yes, I too love the signs.

  2. Take one day at a time and my prayers are with you.

  3. Perhaps one of the few advantages of the overwhelming grief that accompanies the loss of a loved one, is that the raw emotional experience may make us more aware. Be open to such experiences. My own belief is that our loved ones are always near by. The Soul has no need for time and space, so they are with us just on the other side of veil of physical reality.

    After my father in law passed away, I had an odd repeating day dream for about 3 weeks after his funeral. I kept seeing my wife, placing a small plastic black horse in his casket to be buried with him. Every time my thoughts would drift off, I had this image in my mind. I dreamed it in my sleep as well. Finally I mentioned it to my wife. She was shocked, because she did indeed put a small plastic black horse that he bought her when she was a little girl, but it was their little secret. She told no one, and had slipped it in when no one was around. My mental image of the horse was exact. We talked about this and had sort of a private memorial celebration discussion between wife and husband. My wife was suffering over the loss of her father, and I was much closer to my father in law than I was my own parents, we had been buddies since I was a kid. His son was my best friend, but I often spent more time helping him with remodeling projects than I did with the son. So I was hurting as well. My wife and I had our much needed discussion, and I never had the daydream again afterward. I attribute that day dream to him. I think he knew we both needed to talk about his loss, just us. We had grieved in public, we had grieved as a family. But we had not grieved as a privately as husband and wife, and we needed to.

    The world is a far more complex than we know. Mike is nearby, keep an eye out, you will see him.

    1. I have always kind of wanted to believe in a spiritual realm, but there was also a part of me that was skeptical, that held back. When I hear of incidents like yours, it becomes more and more compelling.

  4. I so believe in signs!!!!! Mike is near and you now must hear him without your ears but with your heart! He will comfort you when you need his comfort!

  5. May he always be near; and may you always have signs.

  6. What a beautiful license plate! I am glad my blog helped you, Olga.

  7. Yes, you are definitely receiving signs from Mike. I pray that the service is beautiful and that it brings you some peace.

  8. I do believe in signs. They are there to comfort us when it seems there is no comfort to be had. Look, listen and feel the warmth.

  9. My mother firmly believes that passed loved ones are always watching out for us. Whenever we've been on trips she'll say, "Look at what nice weather my parents are giving us today." She doesn't think they actually did it. She just likes to think of them still loving and caring for her. I believe it though. I can sometimes feel their presence.

    My husband has already told me that he really doesn't care what his funeral is going to be like. He just wants it to be for the comfort of the living. As for me, I want my kids to insure that they order lots of wonderful dishes for everybody since in Hawaii, we provide meals for the people who attend the service.

    I think you know that Mike would like whatever would make everybody happy. He'll be smiling at you no matter where you are and no matter what you choose to do. Anytime you suddenly feel like smiling, that will be Mike sending you a sign that he's watching over you.

  10. You know Mike's presence will always be with you, even though invisible. He's just on the other side. Keep watching for his signs and messages!!! Please know you are in my thoughts as you try to get through these very tough times. (((more hugs)))) Muffy

  11. It's wonderful that you can feel his spiritual nearness as you deal with his physical departure. My you continue to FIND JOY.

  12. I love your definition of angels and I completely agree. I'm glad you see the signs and I know it helps to bring you comfort. I know that today won't be easy but you are in my thoughts and I'm sending you hugs, too.

  13. There's a quote, Olga, and I don't remember where I first heard or saw it years ago, but it spoke to me then and still does, "Beyond the gloom of this world lies Joy... take Joy!".

    And I firmly believe in signs and dreams and that members of my family that have 'passed' are always close by. Love remains even after the physical body leaves us. I'm sure that Mike is watching over you.

  14. I agree there are angels among us and I think we tend to be so busy in our lives we miss them. But when we've lost someone dear to us, those signs seem to be more clear and that is so wonderful.

    I hope you do find the joy!

  15. The words from all those who have commented on my blogs over the pat two months have done so much to sustain me. Thank-you all.


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