Monday, March 4, 2013


Last weekend I spent some time sewing pillowcases.  I am ready to do the quilting on my latest quilt, but I needed a break before tackling that job.
An easy project!

 Here is how it is done--at least how it is done by me.

 Three pieces of material are needed:

Main color
enough to make a back that is 18.75 x 35.35"
and a front that is 18.75 x 24.75"

Contrast color
a piece that is 18.75x8"

I had to improvise to get the back measurement, but that worked out okay.  This is not rocket science.
Fold the trim strip in half and align it with the narrow edge of the top piece.  Place the contrast piece under this with the right side up, aligned along the wrong side of the top.  Pin and stitch through four layers.
Pull up the contrast piece.  Press over the top edge, fold to cover the stitching on the trim.  Top stitch the contrast piece to the top piece.

 The extra length on the bottom is meant to be a flap that keeps the pillow enclosed.  Do not fold it over the top like this:

Fold it down against the wrong side of the bottom and aligned with the front top.

With wrong sides together, stitch around three sides, leaving the contrast edge open.  Turn the wrong side out and press carefully.  Stitch around the same three sides using a seam allowance that keeps those raw edges within it.


Useful tools--seam ripper and small scissors for
snipping threads.


Linda said...

Very good, quite lovely. You're making yourself some nice gifts there. Do you have a 'Florida machine' or do you bring the one in Vermont?

Muffie said...

As always, they're beautiful! You're so talented!

Eileen said...

How pretty. I especially like the materials you used. I'd have to find the sewing machine - it hasn't surfaced since we moved nearly 3 years ago and it wasn't used for several years's probably pretty dusty!

Maybe when I retire? In the meantime I'll stick to my crocheting.

Margaret said...

I'm not so sure. It may be closer to rocket science than you think. I think sewing is really hard.

Arkansas Patti said...

I can relate to Margaret's comment. I really like your results however and you make me want to over come my sewing fears. Wonder if my machine still works?

Olga said...

I have my old machine--1964 state of the art White--that I keep in Florida. They just do not make things to last like that anymore.

Olga said...

Thanks, Muff.

Olga said...

Sewing is definitely a retirement activity.

Olga said...

In an old post (2010), I said I was not interested in quilting because it involves too much math. Do you know that they make special calculators for quilters?

Olga said...

A pillow case is straight seams, but even that takes practice. Notice that one of my pictures is what not to do--because that is what I did. It's the haveing to think backwards that kills me.

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

Great project! I was in our church for a meeting and spotted a large one on a rack. Much work. Well done! I made a wall hanging yesterday!
Cheers from Cottage Country!

Linda Reeder said...

I sort of got lost, but the results are lovely.

Kay said...

I am very impressed! That is absolutely gorgeous!!!

fiftyodd said...

Hi Olga! Lovely colors and I envy your nice wide ironing board! Just getting my machine out again since expensive repair (result of lending it to daughter). You inspire me to get on with my project - I've been cutting up squares of all my spare matching materials to make a 'puffed' quilt for my bed. (Retirement project for when we finally move).

~Kc Waddell said...

Love your choice in fabrics! They turned out great.

Country Girl said...

Loved this project. I haven't sewn in a while. It's past time that I set back up my sewing machine in my guest room and stitch up a few things. Pillow cases would be a lovely project! Thanks for the idea!