Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Vermont Fall Garden Chores

Even though it has not felt much like fall, there is no denying that it is on the way.  It still feels warm in the sunshine, but I can feel how much weaker the sun really is now.  The warmth does not penetrate the shade.  The sun is setting earlier and further south each evening. 

And the @#%& flies are finding their way back into the house.
DSCN0048It was time to start a bit of fall clean up. 
Can you see all the milkweed in the field?  If I had a picture of the opposite end of the field, you might think we lived on a cotton plantation…except the seeds blow around much more easily.
Also part of the fall clean up routine is putting away the garden tchotchkes and neatening up the shed.  Mike’s job in this is to clean and sharpen all the garden tools so I will be good to go in the spring.
DSCN0052I sweep the shed out about once a year.  The spiders have full reign the rest of the time.


  1. Wish I had one of those wreaths for my deck! Your shed looks neat as a pin.

  2. I agree that your shed looks fantastic. Ours (which is not my domain) is a wreck! I like to look at pretty gardens, but I don't do the work.

  3. Your first paragraph is an excellent description of the sunshine this time of year. I hadn't thought about the idea that it doesn't penetrate the shade.

  4. A lovely end of the year list.

  5. Your shed looks neater and cleaner than my house!

  6. Your shed is so neat and clean, you should see my shed. Maybe next spring I'll give it a good cleaning!! I say that every year!!

  7. Oh my goodness, your shed is cleaner than my kitchen.

  8. Wish I could anything around here as clean as your shed. lol
    I can not tell you how much I wanted to go to Vermont while visiting Maine. If my daughter had not been with me I would of done it because all my life I have dreamed of seeing Vermont too.
    I too am trying to do some fall cleaning around here but not making a lot of progress like yourself.
    Let me know if you share pic's of your leaves. I am sick they weren't changing yet in Maine

  9. I have to agree....your shed is cleaner than my kitchen too!


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