Friday, September 7, 2012

Making It

gifts 005Ho! Ho! Ho!

To early for Christmas?  I spent last Thursday at my friend Ginnie’s house and we made a bunch of these gift tags using paper punches.  Interestingly, She did hers assembly line style: cutting out all the pieces. completing one step at a time on all the tags before going to the next step.  I did mine more piecemeal, willy-nilly.  Anyone who had worked with us would recognize it.  So typical, so her, so me.


And we went out to lunch—tuna melt with chips and a pickle, a long standing tradition from our working together days.


I have also been sewing.bluegreeninsideI love these colors.  (Sounders’ colors, Linda Reeder?)


shopping bagaI have made many similar bags over the past few years, but these are quilted, adding a whole new dimension.



And then, more making cards.  The card gang (sounds dangerous) has gotten together a couple of times and worked on an assortment of Christmas cards.

 Cards 001

I have decided to make the white trees on green to send out this year—stamp and emboss, no glitter involved.


  1. Just love all your craftiness!! I can't even THINK about Christmas until much later! What kind of punches did you use?

  2. You are so organized! And so very talented.

  3. Yes, on the colors! I'll be wearing my Rave green for another match tomorrow.
    Great projects. I'm a long way off from getting back to sewing, let alone thinking about Christmas. Ufff, it's hot today!

  4. Wow! Good for you. I haven't even thought that far ahead...
    Cheers from Cottage Country!


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