Sunday, September 9, 2012

Birthday Boy

Virgos are meticulous about their appearance, have refined palates & would benefit from weekly yoga classes.
I read that a while ago in the newspaper horoscopes.  I read it to Mike and his comment was, “Yeah, weekly yoga—that’s important to me.”
“It says would benefit from.  I guess they forgot stubborn and set in their ways.”
What does one get for the man who has everything he wants?  Here is what he mentioned prominently when I asked for birthday gift suggestions:
gifts 003Plastic shower rings.  It seems the scraping noise made by our metal shower curtain rings irritates him greatly and this is something that would make his life more pleasant.  Seriously, how exciting is our life?

I also got him a copy of Linda Myers’ book, Return to Vietnam, and Snowflake Chocolates.  Of course, I made him a card.

I ordered lobster meat and I will make some Connecticut style lobster rolls—just the meat and butter served on a roll. That was his wish for a birthday dinner.  I have fresh tomatoes.  I am thinking I will pick up a cake instead of baking.  Hmm…what kind of wine?  I can splurge on the dinner because plastic shower curtain rings are pretty cheap.

I think the best present is that he is feeling so much better.  Last year he was having a cardio version on his birthday and it has seemed like all kinds of little things piled up after that.  He hobbled around all summer after his bird-rescue injury.  Finally, he has started to walk with a normal gait and seems to have a bit more pep.

Happy Birthday # 69, Mike!


  1. Happy Birthday Mike, Enjoy the little things in life, and hope your special dinner is wonderful!!

  2. “Yeah, weekly yoga—that’s important to me.”

    I can hear that. It's almost exactly what my DH would say. But he would go for the lobster and cake!

    Hope the birthday boy has a wonderful 69th!

  3. Happy birthday to Mike! And thanks for giving him a copy of my book.

  4. Happy Birthday Mike, even if I'm a day late. Not sure, but I guess I might be...
    If all that's lacking your lives is a set of quieter shower rings, life is good, I'd say.
    Husband's birthday is the 18th. HE wants, for his birthday supper, store-fried chicken with gravy. You'd hardly know he's a Virgo from his choice of Special Dinner.

  5. That's a man with lots of common sense - hope the shower rings bring him a year of joy! Also hope the cake was good....

  6. Happy Birthday to your husband! SO glad he is feeling better than last year! Probably the chocolates! OMG, they look so good!

  7. I think men are very difficult to buy for! You did well!


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