Sunday, August 26, 2012

Busy Work

Bookcase1I bought this bookcase as a yard sale for 5 bucks.

Bookcase2 (1)I did a little sanding and gave it a few coats of a primer, which I had on hand.

I had the paint too so this did not cost more than the $5 plus some labor.  I will take it to my daughter’s house for my grandson to use in his room for books or toys.

I also bought a wooden paper towel holder for 50 cents.  Mike mounted it under a cabinet in my craft room and I am using it for ribbon storage.                                  
Ribbon storage
Bird house
I painted the little bird house and added some branches and a little bird on top.  I hung it in the breezeway where I have set up my sewing machine for the summer.
Staples scoreStaples started its Back To School sales a while ago and I have been picking up little things here and there.  Some will be in the Advent baskets I make for the kids and some will be a back to school present.  Kristen will start sixth grade next week and Dane will start kindergarten on September 4th.

I have realized that I need to spend less time shopping and more time exercising.

I have not been too creative with knitting.  I make washcloths to practice different patterns and that has been about it.  I tend to knit while watching the television but I have been way more into reading this summer.

felted scrap2I did make this felted sweater jacket out of an old wool sweater, yarn scraps and assorted buttons.

Then, there is my new hobby.
Table runnerXmas wall hanging
I made a large table runner in anticipation of the holiday season and I had scraps enough to make the Christmas tree which will end up as a wall hanging.

Idle hands being the devil’s workshop, I should be safe from temptation.  However, I need some new fabric.  Maybe I should walk a couple of times around the parking lot at the shopping center.


  1. Gracious, your creative juices are really flowing. Knitting is not good exercise, oh how I wish it were.

  2. You put me to shame! You have been a very busy lady. I love your handiwork.

  3. Wow, you have been busy! Inspiring. Love your projects.

  4. Love your projects. You are very talented and creative.

  5. Fantastic projects! What a busy little bee you are!

  6. You have been busy. Love yout handiwork.


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