Sunday, June 3, 2012

Digging in the Garden

The early part of last week was pleasant and I managed to get out and do a lot of weeding and some planting.  All of that work, unbeknownst to me, was being scrutinized by the neighborhood watch committee that maintains a station on the hill to the west of us.  Yep, my old friend Chuckie the Woodchuck has kept watch.

I am sure that he is perturbed that I did not plant beans and lettuce this year.  He did sample the liatrus and the chervil.  He dug a hole behind the lattice for the clematis vine and buried a few daffodils in the process, but when the expected veggies did not sprout, he moved on, just not too far.

You wouldn't think a little old woodchuck could do this much damage, would you?

Well. he didn't. A couple of dogs escaped their yard and came crashing through the field.  Two standard poodles.  They chased the woodchuck under the shed.  Persistent poodles.  They were not going to give up this fun game.  They were determined to get under the shed and teach that Chuckie a good lesson.  There are five of these holes around the back and the the north side of the shed.  There is the one, much smaller. woodchuck hole on the south side.  The siding is actually pulled away from the corner here.

Damn dogs!!  I should have been nicer to the woodchuck.

I have to say this kind of broke my heart.


  1. Actually those dogs and the mess they made were a favor in disguise. Your woodchuck should avoid your garden for quite some time!

  2. Hope Chuckie moved on to greener pastures.

  3. What about the damages, are your neighbors going to take care of it? I hope so, as a pet owner, dogs should not be allowed to go across lot lines.

  4. Sounds like the woodchuck may not have survived. Darn, who would have thought poodles would act like that.

  5. Not a good situation for the shed or you :(

  6. Sounds like Chuckie met a violent end. I adore dogs but a have seen them kill and it is not pretty.
    Shame about the damage to the shed.

  7. I blame Chuckie. The dogs were just trying to save your own work, though, indeed they seem to be over zealous. Of course, you know how partial I am to dogs.

  8. What a shame they did so much damage. You can't really blame the dogs for chasing the woodchuck, it is what dogs do. You can however blame the owners that let them roam free. I agree with Margaret others -- dog owners need to be responsible.


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