Thursday, June 28, 2012

Completed Pillow Leads to Mental Travel

Knitted pillow coverI finished the knitted pillow that I was working on.  It is done in Shepards wool from New Zealand.  The pattern is from the first knitting book I ever bought, I Can’t Believe I’m KNITTING! (Leisure Arts, INC,, 1997, Little Rock AR).

We recently had a letter from Mile’s friend who now lives in Christchurch, New Zealand.  When we visited, he was living in Auckland on the North Island.  His hobby was restoration of old motorcycles (the Mike connection) and other old motor vehicles.  His wife’s avocation and main interest was in restoration of old homes.  They had several and were finally able to buy a grand home that was on the historic register and they moved to Christchurch on the South Island of New Zealand.  2011 was not kind to NZ and Christchurch suffered a great deal of damage.  Our friends’ place was heavily damaged and they have not been able to do any restoration because the earthquakes and aftershocks have continued at an unrelenting pace.  Their lives have changed substantially.

I have heard the opinion that all the catastrophes of the past few years are Biblical in proportion, retribution for the wickedness in the world.  I doubt the world is any more wicked than it has ever been.  I don’t really know because I wasn’t there.  Or if I was, I don’t remember.

Actually, I am in the middle of reading Alice Hoffman’s new book, The Dovekeepers.  I think it is going to be on my all time favorites list, but it is also depressing in the sense of how sadly history repeats itself.


  1. Yes, it is very true that history repeats itself and keeps on repeating itself. Your new pillow is wonderful. Looks great on your sofa.

  2. Indeed, it is disheartening how we don't learn from the past.
    As I was reading i was afraid you would say what you did about your friend's house in NZ.
    I think comments about god's vengeance for an evil planet are the height of ignorance. It's amazing to me how many people still choose to believe in fairy tales instead of science.

  3. Earthquakes and tsunamis may be biblical; but one could argue that the fires and floods are man made. Anyway, you've got me interested in "The Dovekeepers." Just put a hold on it at my library.

  4. What a stunning pillow. I have a blog buddy in NZ and that is such a pretty place. So sorry your friends have continued to suffer.
    I will check out The Dovekeepers.

  5. I love Alice Hoffman - must put that one on my list. Christchurch was one of our favorite cities when we visited NZ - so many gardens and beautiful green belts. I feel so sorry that so much was destroyed.

  6. I like Alice Hoffman. I'll look for her new book. I just finished the new Anne Tyler and the new Gillian Flynn and thoroughly enjoyed both. I also have the new John Irving waiting in the wings. An embarrassment of riches!


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