Saturday, June 9, 2012

Animals continue their attacks…

It appears that the woodchuck has moved on.  It did survive the interest of the hunting poodles.  We saw it the next morning, but it did look all there goes the neighborhood.   A skunk has moved in under the shed to take its place.

Incidentally, the neighbors were very gracious about fixing the shed and offering to replace some dug up plants.  They have an electric fence for their dogs, but the dogs apparently think it is worth a zap to run in the meadow. I don't think that they are irresponsible owners.   The dogs, when not digging up around my shed, were very friendly and quite good looking.

We had a raccoon visit the deck on Thursday night.  It managed to work the hummingbird feeder down its hanging pole and emptied that out completely.  We have also seen a red squirrel swinging away on the bird feeder.
CageRedSquirrel.jpg (388×525)
Feeders that can keep out grey squirrels don't always keep out the smaller red squirrels.  We have never had grey squirrels bother the feeders, and this is the first time we have seen a red squirrel.  I guess word gets out in the animal kingdom.

Wasps are building a huge nest in the peak over the garage.
Crows visit every afternoon, but I do throw bread out for them, so they are invited.

We never have to even turn on the television.  We have no end to available live animal entertainment.  They are all quite cute, but there does seem to be a limit.


  1. Keep condo living in the back of your mind. Cute turns ugly sometimes.

  2. You're practically a zoo! We have wild parrots. Flocks and flocks of them. They are very loud, but I love their exuberance.

  3. Be careful in encouraging the larger birds and animals. In not time they have dozens of babies and everyone comes to stay!

  4. So glad the woodchuck survived and that the neighbors proved to be good neighbors.
    Do you sometimes feel you are in the zoo and the animals are coming to gawk at you?
    Envious of your entertainment.


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