Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Picture at Random

 I selected an untitled picture from storage at random tonight.  This picture was taken in 1997. 

Mike and I took a six day raft trip in the Grand Canyon that summer.  The trip was arranged by friends who had made the trip once before and liked it so much they put together a group of friends to go with them the second time.  It was a case where each of us knew some of the others and got to know the rest over the course of the trip.  It was a spectacular vacation and we have hundreds of great pictures.  This one does not do the scenery justice, but it reminded me of the time I spent with these people.  We had a reunion to share pictures and video the following year.  We have not had contact with any of them now for the past ten years.

Sometimes it is sad how people can just come into your life and go without any fanfare at all.  Some of these people I occasionally wonder about.  Some of them, in all honesty, I am just as glad to never see again.  But in any case, having had a raft trip down the Colorado River is really something I treasure in memory.

Cyndie, Diz...where ever you are now, thanks for including us in this adventure!


  1. Aren't old photo's wonderful to bring back memories. That is so often the case with a group of people. They come into your life for a reason, and go for a reason.

  2. Cool! Quite an adventure. You have me thinking about a photo of where I was on this day some years ago.

  3. Fun times. I know what you mean about groups of people who come together, bond for a short time, and then are never seen again.

    Back in my other life, when I was married to my first husband, we ran rivers in the summer. I should say, he ran the river while I went along occasionally as a passenger. His father owned these same type of river running boats and had a business where folks such as this group would hire them to take them down the river. Those were great days. I had a lot of fun.

  4. Oh my, that is definitely on my bucket list. Something I have always wanted to do.
    Sometimes the brevity of a meeting is what makes it so special.

  5. B and I visited the Grand Canyon in Feb. for the first time, and we stood there on the precipice fantasizing about doing exactly what you did. Good for you!

    One of these days ...

  6. Well said. It sounds like a good time.

  7. That does sound like a wonderful vacation! I've only been there once and it was so breathtaking from the rim -- I can't even imagine how wonderful it must have been to be on that river!


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